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National Snow Festival 2019

fiesta nacional de la nieve
19 septiembre, 2019

Each year the Festival runs through a calendar that includes crowds that culminate in the election of the National Snow Queen. This election takes place in the Civic Center of the city, among young people of Bariloche who concentrates the most attention of the whole Festival. In the National Snow Festival there is a race of waiters, who walk the slopes of the central streets with their trays with glasses and bottles that they must take care of so that their contents are not spilled. The wool clothing industry, offer a parade and contest with their artisan products. The rural area of northern Patagonia has its event at the festival: the Hacheros Contest. There they compete to see who finishes most quickly cutting a wooden roll of one meter in diameter. During the week of the party you can enjoy music shows, art shows and sporting events.

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