Buenos Aires - - Sunday 12 De July

30 Curiosidades de Charlie y La Fábrica de Chocolate | Cosas que quizás no sabías A whole town bathed in Alpine Chocolate

Throughout the month of July, Villa General Belgrano is bathed in Alpine chocolate. A very special celebration honors the favorite food of s...

Merceditas History of a hymn

“Merceditas” is one of the most famous songs of Argentine folklore. A blonde santafesina was the muse that inspired its author.

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Carrot-cake- Carrot cake (carrot pudding, bah)

Today we leave you a different recipe to accompany your mates: carrot pudding. You never tried it? I...

Camino de vinos Classical music on the roads of wine

The festival could not be held this year because of quarantine. But listening to classical music on...

Diques The land of the dikes

Córdoba is the land of the dikes: more than ten throughout the territory are erected as masterpieces...

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Santa Patrona Saint Patron or Saint Matrona?

In the north there are many venerated saints. But what about the saints? What's the right name? Sain...


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