Buenos Aires - - Saturday 08 De August

As we are
Plazas Santa Fe The return to the square

The particular custom of those living in the interior of the province of Santa Fe. A funny and healthy Sunday pastime: the return to the squ...

How we talk
5 dichos que no conocías 5 sayings that you did not know

Villa del Rosario, like every town in Cordoba, has its collection of authentic sayings of the area. We tell you 5 sayings and their meanings...

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Mateando con Cande Ruggeri Mateando con Cande Ruggeri

Cande Ruggeri habló sobre sus ganas de ser "la villana" de una tira y respondió "El cuestionario arg...

Historia-56 The Galicians

Spanish immigration in South America is foundational. However, the project that made Argentina a cou...

Celebrar el trabajo Celebrate the work

In La Sarita there is a big party in honor of work. Many more people attend than those who live in t...

Argentines around the world
Che Paisano “We get together when we make rocks”

For 15 years, Aldo Vendrell has lived with his family in Valencia. We tell you how he made Spain its...


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