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Celebrities in quarantine: Luciana Salazar

Luciana Salazar spends her quarantine days training her physical sculptural, and as always, leaving spicy and mysterious phrases...
| 06 April, 2020 |

Showing a reliable source in the world of politics, Luciana Salazar had “the data”. Mandatory quarantinewas coming. So the first thing he did was take his parents home in the big closed Nordeltaneighborhood. Then he went to the supermarket to make a big purchase and stock up for a long time.

Luciana tells that her parents, at risk group, give her a big hand with her little daughter Matilda. Which allows him to sleep a little bit more in the morning. La Salazar also confesses to having raised the proceeds against contagion. Chin, gloves, gel alcohol, lavender, among other measures. Everything seems little to you.

And the usual intriguing message…

Luciana Salazar spends his days in the running of the bulls playing with Matilda. Reading. And training at a gym he improvised inside his house. But his body isn’t the only explosive thing in his life. She always has some phrase that generates things in people. Sometimes they’re revelations about politics. Secrets. Other times they are enigmatic phrases. Because Luciana doesn’t talk about her private life and less about men. But he’s always “missing something.” That leaves us thinking.

This time it was that he is very eagerto “see someone special“…

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