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You didn’t come to Mendoza if you didn’t go to Aristides.

One of the most emblematic streets of our province. The “Aristides” offers gastronomy and nightlife. Give way to pleasure.
a “Arístides” ofrece gastronomía y diversión nocturna.
| 11 November, 2019 |

There, where Colon Street ends. Calle Arístides Villanueva begins at Calle Belgrano and topa (ends) at Boulogne Sur Mer. There are seven blocks, which for the Mendoza is not small, of bars, restaurants, designer houses, breweries and dwellings private individuals. With commercial activity throughout the day and leisure and fun at night and at dawn. Renovated a few years ago, the Aristides invites you to have fun.

Arístides Villanueva was Governor of Mendozain the second half of the 19th century. And because of his work, which also included positions in the national executive and also in Congress, he is not entirely honored with the avenue that has been chosen to name it. But, in short, the good of Arístides or, rather, his surname represents today the most important place to have fun and have fun with friends in Mendoza. As has been said, the street begins at Avenida Belgrano and extends to Boulogne Sur Mer which, as explained on this page, is one of the perimeter streets of the mythical General San Martín Park.

What do we find?

Along this artery we find everything. Franchises of the likes of Jhonny B. Good or The Club de la Milanese up to some small panchos stalls. In the middle, kiosks, pharmacy, banks, clothing houses of the best designers, sports shops and bars and more bars. Fundamentally, the latter are the real protagonists. Angle classic fries and litres of craft beer are responsible for livening the meeting of any group of friends who, in the afternoon or evening, gather to talk about the topic that arises at the table, as the glasses of the spirit drink.

Finally, the common practice is to “go to Aristides”, not to a particular bar or restaurant. This is because they do not take reservations and often can be full. So it is very common for locals and tourists to stroll along its sidewalks while choosing where to sit. Yeah, that’s right. In Aristides, every pocket is catered for. Menus are offered from 200 pesos per person to 700 pesos.

Some tips

Arístides Villanueva Street has been the best face of its history for some months. It is that the authorities took care of leaving it in perfect condition, with undergroundelectricity line, without cord (sidewalk and street at the same height), cobblestone, entrance sign, etc.

It is also good to clarify that, for some years, parking has been measured, at all times. And we say it’s good because, as everywhere, while it didn’t work out of This way there were the living who asked you for money for “taking care of your car.” It It’s not going anymore. Now you pay 10 pesos every half hour. And, if not, there are also parking beaches on Aristides itself.

Finally, check the schedule of the Mendoza teams before you go. It is that both Godoy Cruz and Gymnastics and Independiente have their courts in the General San Martín Park. And, as explained above, this is located next to Arístides Street. So, if just when you’re going to take something coincides with the departure time of the court, get ready. People go down to piles and the “misunderstandings” are the order of the day. Since you haven’t sat inside, it’s very likely that you have to worry too much about your belongings, your car, etc.

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