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Xibi Xibi, the lung of the capital of Jujeña

Xibi Xibi Park today is the paradise of San Salvador: a river that regained the brightness and life it had lost through carelessness and neglect.


Xibi Xibi Park a while ago it seemed like an impossible dream. Xibi Xibi River crosses San Salvador de Jujuy, and anyone might think it was a Jujuy paradise. It reality is that the passage of the river and bad social customs had transformed to the river into a dump. It was a space that invited people to to walk away, was a danger in itself.

In 1995 it was determined that the river and its banks would be called the Xibi Xibi Municipal Nature Reserve. Works began to be carried out for the revaluation of the place . In 2018 again a reconstruction of the place was made and thought of society and tourism.

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Xibi Park has a length of 2.5 kilometers that combine green spaces, roads, cycle paths and natural water. It turns what once was a dump into a green lung of the city. It also has the amphitheatre “Las Lavanderas”, a multi-purpose site that enriches the tourist and cultural power of the place.

The entrance to the park is given by any of the bridges that cross the river. It is designed for everyone, so it has stairs and entrance ramps. Xibi Xibi Park offers a place to spend the day, play sports or share a mate.

The place has distributed sanitary points in different points of the park. Among all the green of the place there are tables and benches to be able to stay for a while and share in the open air. Garbage baskets are present often to ensure the cleanliness of the park.

If you visit the capital of Jujeña, it is a mandatory appointment to walk, run or just enjoy Xibi Xibi Park. It is a space that breaks with the cement structure of a city and allows to live it in a different way.

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Publication Date: 22/05/2020

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