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Wine tourism: 5 things you need to know

Mendoza has been in charge of promoting wine tourism in recent years. It is a worldwide reference in wine tourism.
Mendoza se encargó de potenciar el enoturismo
| 07 November, 2019 |

Although some Mendoza ends up getting tired, we must admit that anywhere in the world to say “Mendoza” means “wine”. And that is why there are the people of Mendoza who do not like that drink, something that can be written later on. The truth is that, based on the synonymy between our province and wine, tourists have as a must visit the visited by a winery. And, neither slow nor lazy, my fellow countrymen have been in charge of working on this activity and generating wine tourism, which has been called wine tourism. Here we leave 5 things to keep in mind to know our winemaking in all its stages.

Guided tours

First of all, we must explain that wine tourism is nothing more than a guided tour of a winery. All stages of wine production and elaboration are known and usually includes a tasting.

It is an attraction for all pockets

While, in general, a visit to a winery is usually something expensive, it’s a matter of looking. There are offers for everyone, with tickets ranging from $150 to over $1000.

Wine-growing areas

There are some areas of our province where winemaking is more developed. Therefore, this is where you can make the best visits within wine tourism. We refer to the departments of Maipú, Tunuyán, Tupungato or San Rafael.

Bring extra money

The vast majority of wineries also have their gastronomic offer. That’s why it’s convenient to carry a good amount of extra money in case we are tempted with your dishes. It is that, usually, the visits conclude in the restaurants of the cellars where the aroma and warmth of the place invite us to sit and not to retreat with an empty belly. But, as has been said, it is a very expensive.

There’s time to buy

Between the guided tour and the restaurant there is a key moment. This is the sales show that exists at the end of each talk and that we are forced to pass through. This is where we feel generosity and we want to bring wine to a relative or friend. It is also important to save some money for that moment. It is very good to take advantage of this option because, generally, export wines are obtained, which are not sold in wine bars or supermarkets.

As described above, wine tourism is a fixed one in the tourist options of Mendoza. But to enjoy it as it deserves, you have to allocate a good part of the budget we have for our stay in the province.

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