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What to see in Argentina: 10 must-see places

In an arbitrary way, we chose 10 must-see places in Argentina that you can not miss. Which one would you
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| 02 February, 2020 |

Choosing a single destination in Argentina is virtually impossible. The country is full of amazing sites and very different from each other. In an arbitrary way, we chose 10 must-see places in the country that you can not miss.

1. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the gateway to Argentina. Immense, noisy and always moving, the city has everything to offer and enchants its visitors for the rhythm of its streets and the warmth of its inhabitants.

2. Iguazu Falls (Missions)

It is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and not by chance. The Cataratas dazzle with their beauty and power. In front of them, we feel the force of nature in its purest state.

3. Purmamarca (Jujuy)

A small town that doesn’t always appear in tour guides, but that no one should stop seeing. In Purmamarca time is slower and things are appreciated differently. There, the Hill of the Seven Colors leaves you breathless.

4. Cordoba

Córdoba is another must-see city in Argentina, both for what we found there as from what we can see in the surroundings. It Jesuit block with the church, the university and the school of Monserrat, already justifies the visit to the city. Nearby, villages such as La Cumbrecita and Villa General Belgrano, founded by German and Austrian immigrants, no can stop visiting each other.

5. Condorito Quebrada National Park (Córdoba)

It’s the only place where condors keep playing from natural shape. The park is located about 20 km from the city of Córdoba, in the Pampa of Achala. A stop you can’t stop making.

6. Mendoza

The land of sun and good wine is another of the points that are not can be overlooked in Argentina. Wine cellars, mountains, landscapes and sun almost every day of the year are sufficient reasons to visit it. There is also the highest mountain of South America: the Aconcagua.

7. Bariloche (Black River)

In summer and winter, Bariloche dazzles with its colors. It nature has been especially generous with this area of Argentina. El Cerro Bell Tower, Cerro Catedral, Nahuel Huapi Lake, the small circuit, the Chocolates…

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