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What defines our climates?

When we say that in Argentina we have all the landscapes, many times we forget about another small detail: we have, too, all the climates.

¿Qué define nuestros climas?

When we say that in Argentina we have all the landscapes, many times we forget about another small detail: we have, too,  all the climates . The large extent of our territory, its latitudinal amplitude and the contrast of the relief are some of the reasons that determine this wide climatic variety. In the  climate , of course, it affects  geography . These are some of the geographical factors that directly affect and determine the climatic characteristics of the different regions:

  •  Latitude : Argentina is characterized by a great development of latitude which is fundamentally what causes the country's climatic variety.Relief 
  • : Mountain ranges that extend from north to south, in the west of the country, facilitate the circulation of masses of air in the east, which determines different types of winds.
  •  Influence of the sea : The presence of the sea, which forms a natural border to the east, exerts a moderating action, which decreases the thermal amplitude.

In addition, various  meteorological phenomena influence the climate:

  •  Winds : Local or imported, winds have a lot to do with the climate that is lived in the different regions. Warm, humid and cold winds come to our territory, which come from the Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic anticyclones. In addition, local winds act: Zonda, Sudestada and Pampero.
  •  Tornados : They originate between October and March in the Plata basin.
  •  Snowfall : Snowfalls are scarce in most of the territory and are concentrated —by intensity and frequency — in the Andean sector.
  •  Frosts and hail : Frosts coincide with the advance of cold winds in the South Pacific or in areas of high mountains and in the Patagonian plateaus. Hail occurs when an air mass cools down quickly, and can occur throughout the territory.

As we see, our  climate , as well as our territory, our people and our culture, are defined by their  great  diversity .

Publication Date: 17/05/2018

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