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What secrets does northern Tucuman keep?

This circuit seems to be stopped in time, because it refers tourists to everyday customs of the beginning of the last century.


Leaving on the RN 9, and after traveling 50 kilometersnorth of the capital of Tucuman, we reach Choromoro, a village of 500 inhabitants. From there and along the RP 312, unique landscapes emerge. The towns of Choromoro, Chuscha, La Hoguera, Gonzalo and Potrero await visitors to enjoy their rivers and streams and their many activities, such as hiking, horseback riding and even photo safaris. Handicrafts occupy a special place in this area. If you observe any stalls with these products on the route, do not stop going down, even if it is to contemplate those works in leather, such as the peels (the sheep's leather) and fabrics that have international recognition.

In Choromoro you will find the Dr. Carlos Pellegrini PhytoZoological Reserve , which is only 5 km from its main square. Its 400 hectares invite you to a journey of two and a half hours where you can see more than 150 exotic and also indigenous species such as foxes, eagles, cougars and tapirs .

From this attraction, and returning to RN 9, following to the north just 12 kilometers is the access, by RP 311, to San Pedro de Colalao, a tourist village extended along a narrow valley at 700 meters above sea level and bordered by two typical rivers of mountain: the Tipa and the Tacanas. The climate there is moderate, which makes it possible to enjoy summers in full sun, with cool nights.

Tucumán Gruta de lourdes

The central square Leocadio Paz, is framed by old houses from the end of the 19th century, with sober lines of classicism Italianizing. Its old grove of trees and seasonal flowers next to the Church, the John Baptist Alberdi Library, among other buildings stand out in the surroundings. The García Salemi Archaeological Museum, which operates in the old Cabildo Indiano,is a historic building dating back to 1850. An important collection of pieces from our originalcultures is on display.

If you choose San Pedro de Colalao to visit in February it is important to make reservations in advance. The reason is that tens of thousands of pilgrims arrive at that time to pray and thank the Virgin Mary in the

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