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Tucumano II Calendar: 5 unforgettable proposals

The Tucuman calendar already covered January: we show you 5 more activities to live the whole month immersed in the
Calendario Tucumano II
24 January, 2020

The valleys are present the main tourist offer of the Tucuman calendar for all January. The offer is varied, we have religious, cultural and gastronomic events. The activities in this second installment of the Tucuman calendar are concentrated Tafí del Valle and Amaicha.

1. Art Tour

It is an excursion to the artisan workshops of Tafí del Valle and its locals. Participants will be able to learn about their culture, customs, production techniques and buy the products they wish. This activity has a limited capacity and registration takes place at the Tourist House. The activity is on January 11 at 16.

2. 3° Lead Your Project – Theory U

Organised by Juan Pablo Albornoz Kokot. The topics to be addressed will be: Observation of personal and group situation. Travel in major areas generativity. Notions and feelings of Theatre of Social Presence. Being and Being. Welcome Future. Prototype of concrete actions. The course will take place on 17 and 18 January at the Hotel Lunahuana, Tafí del Valle.

3. Craftsman for a day (Second date)

Second edition of the invitation to the artisans workshops of Amaicha del Valle to share the experience and see their work. Tourists who participate in this activity will have the opportunity to work together with the craftsmen and make their own products. This activity will take place on January 17 at 16.30 and will be in charge of Yolanda and Angela Balderrama.

4. Sensory Experience Workshop and Tasting at blind wines from Tucuman

Tourists participating in this activity will be able to capture with their senses the different strains used in Tucumán. This activity of the Tucuman calendar will allow you to taste Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Torrontés, Syrah and tannat. Using various aromatic elements such as chocolate, tobacco, plums and spices. Blind tasting will be the proof of wine without a label. It’s a activity with limited space, registration takes place at the Tourist House. The activity will take place on 18 January at 20.30 at the Waynay Hotel Killa, Tafí del Valle.

5. The Blend Game

This activity is a Wine Workshop. It’s an interesting proposition. where each participant will be able to assemble their trivarietal wine. He’ll do it by learning about the characteristics of each, and they will choose which graduation will have each varietal. It is a unique experience where tourists can play winemaker. This activity has a limited capacity, registration is in the House of the Tourist. The Blend game will be held on January 24 at the Hotel El Colonial, Tafí del Valle.

This is the second part of the Tucuman Calendar, January 2020, to live the Garden of the Republic in full.

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