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Tucumano I Calendar: 5 must-see activities

The Tucuman calendar has already been in January: we show you activities to live the whole month immersed in the
Calendario Tucumano Enero
03 January, 2020

The valleys present the main tourist alternative of the Tucuman calendar for all January. The offer is varied, we have religious, cultural and gastronomic events. The activities are divided into three places: San Pedro de Colalao, Amaicha del Valle and Tafí del Valle.

1. Pilgrim for a day

A religious activity that will take place every Saturday in San Pedro de Colalao. The activity begins at 9 am and is about walking the path of Mary towards the Grotto de Lourdes. The starting point is the Chapel of St. Peter.

2. Flavors of Tafí del Valle

Every Thursday in January (from day 9) you can enjoy live cooking in Tafí del Valle with renowned local chefs. They will show the preparation of regional and typical dishes of the place. At the end of each day, participants will be able to taste the dishes made.

3. Craftsman for a day

An invitation to the artisans workshops of Amaicha del Valle to share the experience and see their work. Tourists who participate in this activity will have the opportunity to work together with the craftsmen and make their own products. This activity will take place on 10 January at 16.30 and will be in charge of Jorge Siga.

4. Pre Pachamama 2020

This activity is organized by the gauchos of Ampimpa. There will be gaucho parades, Creole skills, regional meals, copleras and a folk festival. Artists will be local, provincial and national. Following the Tucuman calendar, it will take place on 11 and 12 January.

5. Blind tasting of Tucuman wines

It will be a blind tasting workshop of different strains that are implanted in the Garden of the Republic. Malbec, cabernet sauvignon, torrontés, syrah tannat will be offered without displaying labels. The activity will take place at Hotel Mirador de Tafí, in Tafí del Valle, on January 11 and will start at 19.

This is the first of the Tucuman Calendar, January 2020, to live the Garden of the Republic in full.

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