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Travel to Tucumán: guides and tips

Tips and recommendations: how to organize and how to get around, so that traveling to Tucumán will be pleasant and unforgettable. Take note!


It is the smallest province in the country, but its tourist capital, largely not yet exploited, is huge. When traveling to Tucumán, the size does not trust us: if we have defined a trip to this province, the ideal is to have planned what we want to do.

For   plan your trip   optimally, we will give you four slogans to consider before you travel. Type of tourism, transport, economy and security.

  1. Type of tourism  

In the Garden of the Republic the offer is wide: cultural, gastronomic, shopping, nature or ecotourism. The   Museum of the Historical House   is probably the main attraction of visitors. Amaicha, Tafí del Valle, San Pedro also have cultural proposals and   historical   exciting. The vedette of the local gastronomy is the   empanada   and Famaillá is the capital of that product. Empanada is not the only gastronomic possibility, each locality has an attractive local proposal. Nature and ecotourism will take us out of the city, for these   activities   it is advisable to devote a full day.

  2. Transportation  

Tucuman is small, but some distances, at least in time, become long. From the capital to   Tafi del Valle   We have at least 3 hours of travel; to Amaicha, probably 5. If we do not have our own vehicle, the ideal is to take bus tickets in advance. In   high season   , getting a ticket on the day is difficult. If we limit ourselves to everyday transport, those who arrive should know that the urban collective only works from 6 to 00. If you need to move outside that time range, you probably need to resort to a taxi.

  3. Economics  

In capital you will have access to ATMs or you can withdraw money even from supermarkets or service stations. The   tourist poles   outside the capital are developing by leaps and bounds. But we can find places where they don't get certain cards, or maybe none. Always monitor prices when paying and corresponding to what we ask.

  4. Security  

It's a delicate issue,   insecurity   is lived intensely and very often in all parts of the country, but sightseeing sometimes gives us a false feeling of “this is not going to happen”. It is advisable to always be vigilant. Part of the safety is also to know the emergency numbers: *911 Emergencies, *107 Medical Emergency, *100 Firefighters, *101 Police, *103 Civil Defense and *105 Environmental Emergencies.

  Come, disconnect from the everyday world, and enjoy  

These are basic topics to travel to Tucumán, when you arrive it is advisable to visit the Tourist Offices to be aware of all the offer. That way, if we find a new   activity   We'll know how to get organized. Everyday thing: bring up to date applications, mosquito repellent and always a bottle of water. Not for nothing some claim that Tucumán is the province closest to the sun, so you have to take care of yourself. And bring you want to live something different, you're going to connect to nature in   Garden of the Republic   .

Publication Date: 03/06/2020

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