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The waterfall of Los Pizarro, the hidden treasure of southern Tucumano

Get to know the wonderful natural scenery offered by the Los Pizarro waterfall, located in La Cocha, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip of ice water.

La cascada de Los Pizarros

Sneakers, a medium backpack where you can carry drinking water, desire to connect with  nature  and yes or yes accompanied by a tour guide is what you should have.eacute; s keep in mind once you decide to visit the  waterfall of Los Pizarro .

This natural wonder is located in La Cocha,  Tucumán , on the extreme edge with Catamarca. It should be noted that this city is considered to be the most picturesque in the south of the province. The waterfall waters that fall with strong power vertically from about 90 meters high is surrounded by thick vegetation, bathed by the slopes, and gives a refreshing refreshing dip and the unpayable connection that nature provides.

To surprise perhaps many, according to the Tucumana press argues, the place is little known and even some  locals  have not visited the waterfall, and this is due to the lack of tourist infrastructure, that is to say that if you are thinking about visiting this place you have to keep in mind that you should take what you are going to consume because there is nothing in this place, such as picnic or bars, there is only nature.

 Important information for tourists 

The waterfall of Los Pizarros

Once tourists decide to visit the waterfall of Los Pizarro they should keep in mind that it is not necessary to be a hiking expert or have an athlete fitness, but you have to consider that to get to the place you need an effort, that effort can be felt in the calves. During the walk, breathing becomes more panting, as the trails demand to climb stones, in addition three times you have to cross a river, and everything that involves crossing the jungle of yungas, but all this has a great reward.

Summer season

In summer it is ideal to take a dip in the natural piletón at the foot of the waterfall. Many friends take the opportunity to spend the day and enjoy the fresh water provided by this natural setting. Some arrive with the mate and the thermos under their arm, others prefer to drink terere and consume some fruits, and always carry  drinking water .

Regarding where the hike begins to reach the waterfall, in the first instance, the landscape shows large fields with citrus and soy plantations, and this magical journey begins in the surroundings of the old Los Pizarro dam. After 15 minutes, the leafy jungle of yungas closes, and by summer, this place is covered with weeds.

Once you reach the summit of the waterfall of Los Pizarro, you can see how water falls from about 90 meters into a natural piletón where you can really perceive the gift that nature offers. You will want to take a dip as soon as you arrive, its cold and crystal clear waters give the visitor relaxation where this experience you will keep it as a treasure, for having passed through this fantastic journey.

In this way, the south of the province of Tucumán has hidden corners to be discovered. The waterfall located in the Calchaquíes Valleys that demands a one-hour walk to reach it, has a freefall surrounded by ferns and other vegetables that decorate the natural setting. Its immense piletón, almost 50 meters in diameter, and its crystal clear waters provide that magical touch that makes it so authentic.

Finally, while Los Pizarro is an ideal place for adventure tourism, we must insist that reaching the waterfall requires the hiring of guides enabled in this type of activities, since it is an area of many trails where it is easy to get lost.

Publication Date: 01/01/2021

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