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The sweetness that surrounds El Pichao: a hidden town that falls in love

Surrounded by fig trees, apple trees and walnut trees, is El Pichao, a small picturesque village that was born in the last decade of the 19th century, and is far from the Tucuman capital.

El Pichao Tucumán

 Tucumán  is one of the most popular tourist destinations in times of carnival. In 2020, hotel occupancy was almost 100 percent. Many tourists looking for tranquility to unplug themselves from the routine choose beautiful landscapes, hills and picturesque villages. All these features are brought together  by El Pichao , a village that offers to connect with nature.

The place has few inhabitants, forms part of  Tafí del Valle  and is located 202 kilometers from San Miguel de Tucumán and 8 kilometers from Colalao del Valle to the west by dirt road, and at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level.

The village was born in the last decade of the XIX century, and its name comes from the word “pichana” of  Quechua  origin meaning broom made of branches, that is why people who refer to this site, call it as the place “swept, clean and quiet”, and in indigenous language means small village or quiet place. It is also next to the vestiges of the Condor Huasi culture, an ancient citadel, where terraced crops were experienced between the 11th and 16th centuries. On the other hand, it should be noted that, in 2004, scientists from the National University of Tucumán carried out excavations in the region and found pottery objects.

The inhabitants of  El Pichao  are self-sufficient by raising their own cattle, they are engaged in the breeding of sheep, goats and cows, where they supply meat to the population. In addition, they grow their own fruits and then produce artisanal sweets from cayote, quince, apple, fig and pear, accompanied by nuts from their old walnuts. From this production, the  Provincial Festival of Artisanal Sweets was born, which is celebrated every year, in the month of February, to the rhythm of  folklore .

As for tourism, this small village provides accommodation services, where visitors stay on farms equipped for rural tourism. The owners of the houses take care of the guests, and tourists enjoy a tour of the plots where the irrigation of the fruit trees is practiced. In addition, on site, you can visit the archaeological site of Condor Huasi, and take walks around. Other options in El Pichao is to visit the local community that presents its vineyards, cheeses and quesillos. Also, another attraction is the planting, plowing, harvesting and pruning of fruit trees, typical activities carried out by the locals.

In 2020, the town held another edition of the Provincial Festival of Artisanal Sweets on February   15 and 16. At the festival, its inhabitants thanked Mother Earth for the blessings, as they do every year; and the event starring the citizens of this place, with folk and popular shows, offered their homemade sweets, crafts, textiles, ceramics and other local creations.

Finally, the inhabitants of this small town, every time they cross tourists, remind them that if you are a respectful citizen, who cares for nature, you are already meeting the requirements requested by  El Pichao  to travel their lands.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to get to know it, once the pandemic ends, and everything is back to normal, this place is a good choice as a tourist destination for your next holiday, so you can add it to your schedule, so you can rest and enjoy the tranquility that this small village offers, with its homemade sweets to taste, and its attractive landscapes.

Publication Date: 19/10/2020

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