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San Javier, a small paradise in Tucuman

A panoramic view, contact with nature, a Christ that stands out on the hill, are just some of the magical
San Javier, un pequeño paraíso tucumano
| 01 January, 2020 |

Tucumán is a province geographically with a multiplicity of amazing destinations. Each of them has a unique natural presentation, but San Javier is different. Say it is a place hermor its real attraction is the proximity to the capital of Tucuman.

Just 25 kilometres away, it is an option for tourists and also for Tucuman looking for a place to spend the day or the weekend. Ease of getting there is optimal, one can do it in a car, in a frequent interurban line collective or even on a bicycle.

The indispensable photo

A unique postcard that everyone takes from San Javier is the photo from one of its summits, with the whole city of Tucumán in the background and view from the height. Climbs and descents give the place a different shape. Those looking for a space of rest and relaxation have a wide range of accommodations for all needs. Between green and nature, the action could not be missed: mountain biking, horseback riding, zip lining and quad bikes can upload the adrenaline.

Art has a unique place in San Javier, and can be seen from miles away. The Christ Blessed, a monumental statue by Juan Carlos Iramain. Next to the postcard of the city, this is the most sought by tourists and visitors. A picture with the Christ is almost a mandatory confirmation to tell others that one was in San Javier.

These hills have a place to learn in the Sierra San Javier Park, a huge space belonging to the National University of Tucumán. A place dedicated to the care of the environment, flora and fauna autochthonous. Visitors can appreciate it walking along its paths and there are specific spaces for those who visit San Javier for scientific and research purposes.

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