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Let's go to Talapazo!

Sergio Dobrusin, a reader of Ser Argentino, gives us the best advice to get to know this wonder in Tucumán.

To be in the mountain, to find archeological vestiges and unexplored rupestrian writings, to cross footpaths and to observe the flora and the fauna accompanied by a local guide who tells you the day to day of his life sharing regional plates, wine patero and histories. We are in Talapazo, in the Calchaquíes Valleys, province of Tucumán. Talapazo is a very close community to Quilmes, 20 km from Amaicha del Valle and very close to Tolombón and Cafayate (only 50 km). It is a community made up of 50 rural families, almost all descendants of the Diaguitas or Cacanas (as they are called in their language) who inhabited the Quilmes region. If I had to put a qualifier to this tourist route, I would use the word "authentic". There are eight lodging units in the Talapazo Community. They are private rooms with bathroom, distributed by the farms of the inhabitants of the town, which were built with the support of tourism in Tucumán. They are very nice and modest, they offer regional meals in a quincho/restaurant served with the good vibes of Paola and Marcelo and with the energy and passion of Sandro, a local guide born and raised in Talapazo, a place he loves deeply. What's there to do? Walk, listen to stories and be silent. Beautiful trails with low and medium difficulty (overlooking the mountain ranges), an old mine of mica, the viewpoint of the hill, archaeological remains and unexplored cave paintings. Places where few arrive, only accompanied by people who are not professional guides with a learned text, they tell you their life, their stories, their day to day. Do you want to fatten a mate with weeds? Come and collect them fresh: the arcayuyo, the muña-muña and the cedron abound. You can also milk goats and, depending on the season, sow and harvest the land. Talapazo is a program to stay two days and one night. If you are stopping at Tafí del Valle, Cafayate, Tolombón or Amaicha del Valle, you can go for the day. From Tucumán by car is 200 km (three and a half hours by mountain road), a beautiful ride. First we cross the jungle of the yungas, and little by little we climb up to Tafí del Valle, where everything changes completely: reaching an altitude of 3,000 meters, the mountain landscape becomes arid and the sun becomes your permanent companion even if it is cloudy or raining below. Great journey for a great adventure! My suggestions: Next Sunday, November 18, in Talapazo, there will be a "Copleros Encounter". In addition there will be presentations of folklore musicians with a show that starts at noon (with lunch included) and ends who knows when, it would be great to take advantage of it and go to Los Valles Calchaquíes and feel part of this story! Sergio Dobrusin  

Publication Date: 17/11/2018

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