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A worthwhile adventure

The Aconquija National Park is a place that brings together different unique natural spaces that are only enjoyed living an adventure experience.

Parque Nacional Aconquija

The Aconquija National Park, located in the west of the province of Tucumán, has an area of 70 thousand hectares that meet different ecoregions, each with different characteristics. Due to its extension, the park combines the yungas and the High Andes. The vastness of the place, along with the distances and heights, makes the park an adventure space.

Aconquija is a new park, which is formed in 2018 when it absorbs the Parque Campo de los Alisos. The place welcomes us with an amazing view, which makes it a place that transmits peace and adventure at the same time. We have three more than interesting options to enjoy and get to know the place, the first two with a medium difficulty.

The Mesada

It is located at 1680 meters above sea level (masl). To get there it is necessary to do a hike on the rise that can take about five or six hours. Those who are encouraged to make the tour will pass through the mountain jungle , a majestic space with a multiplicity of flora and fauna.

2. The Cascade

Here would come those who choose to continue the path and ascend to about 2700 meters above sea level. This stage can take about seven hours, so it is advisable to spend the night in La Cascada and start the hike early in the morning. The end of the road is a viewpoint that shows the true magnitude of the Aconquija National Park.

3. The Little Town

This circuit represents a higher difficulty and is only recommended for those who have a special training in the mountains. The walk to get here is about four days in full ascent. The way back takes about three days of walking. The beauty of La Ciudacita lies in culture: it is the third most important archaeological site in South America. It is part of the Qhapaq Ñan, the path that the Inca made to connect their territories. To reach La Ciudadacita, the spirit of adventure and the resistance of each visitor will be essential


The Aconquija National Park has camping areas and picnic areas at different heights. About 12 kilometers is the town of Alpachiri, here we can find basic supplies. If you are looking for other amenities, such as hotels and restaurants, the city of Concepción is about 30 kilometres away.

Consideration data

The park is a place for walking and adventure, it can be entered at all times, but it is recommended to do it between 9 and 18 hours. In summer the downpours in Tucumán are very intense. If you plan to visit the Aconquija National Park, I asked for information about roads that may be closed. When entering the park it is elementary to give notice to the park ranger and check in. Adventure can motivate us to do the tour, but we must not underestimate nature. Those who are not experienced in intermediate or advanced hiking are recommended to take the tour together with a guide.

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Publication Date: 01/08/2020

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