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5 great things to do in San Javier

San Javier gives us the most intense experiences of nature, the most varied, just a few minutes from the capital of Tucuman.


San Javier is an accessible tourist proposal for those visiting Tucumán. It is a natural world completely different from the capital of Tucuman, but only 40 minutes away. It is easy to reach with private vehicles and also with intercity groups.

1. To fly

Loma Bola is a Flight center, paragliding is the most sought after activity by tourists. Not there is season, they fly all year round. It is not necessary to have experience, it is just matter of going wanting to fly. Each flight has an average of 15 minutes and are led by experienced pilots.

2. Contact us wildlife

To have a close encounter with animals and species of Tucumán, the Reserve of Horco Molle is one of the best options. It belongs to the UNT, but tourists can visit her and get to know her. It is a space dedicated to research and care of the environment and of animals. Visitors will be able to use the quinches, picnic and parking.

3. Enter the water

Within what is called Parque Sierra de San Javier is finds a path that leads us straight to a waterfall. Architecture natural leads us along a gloomy and refreshing path to a spring. There we find the waterfall of the Rio Noque, a stream of water that falls and generates a crystalline pool.

4. Walking in the jungle

The Path of the Funicular is one of the most visited places. A work abandoned more 70 years old has been practically “refactored” by nature itself. Are 1600 unique meters, where the structure is mixed with the jungle and height. Is ideal for hiking or trekking.

5. Touch the sky

San Javier allows us to reach La Puerta del Cielo. A path that combines jungles and yungas that lead up to 1200 meters above sea level. Along the way we have two places to see San Miguel de Tucumán in full and, above, see San Javier. Unlike of the Funicular Trail, this path is more demanding and requires a greater Attention.

If you are looking for a day to live a different relationship with nature, San Javier is the right place. It is close to the capital of Tucuman, it is easily accessible and the Sierras de San Javier Park has everything you need to spend an amazing day.

Publication Date: 21/01/2020

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