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Trekking for adventurers: the 5 most visited trails in the mountains of San Luis

Walking. Follow a path, get lost, find yourself. For fans of adventure, there is nothing better than walking around the world.

Then five unique tours between the mountains of San Luis to discover the true sense of beauty and nature in its purest state.
 Cerro El Morro, San Luis 
It is located to the northeast of the province of San Luis, measuring 1600 meters high is not a stratovolcano as is usually considered, but was created by volcanic processes approximately 2000 million years ago. El Morro hill is part of the System of Protected Natural Areas in the province of San Luis.
If we border the hill to the south, shortly before reaching the town of San José del Morro, there is the La Morena estancia. From there you can climb the volcano by trekking or on a 4×4 by the footprint that takes us to the crater. At its top it presents a depression with small volcanic cones whose heights range between 1500 and 1600 meters.
The native vegetation is grasslands and mountain serrano. The presence of these pastures in the center of the volcanic cone is used for the grazing of cattle, sheep, equine and goats.
 Cerro de La Cruz, Potrero de Los Funes 
The hill became the ideal place for trekking beginners to take their first steps, has an accumulated slope of 460 meters, so it is considered of low difficulty. It is located in Juana Koslay, just over 10 kilometers from the city of San Luis. To ascend, take the passage that is located between 1st de Mayo and Roger Balet streets. At the base, there is a sign that welcomes walkers.
Cerro de la Cruz has a height of 1215 meters. When you reach the top you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of San Luis. In total, 6.5 kilometers are traveled from the base to the highest point. The estimated ascent time for a beginner is between one and a half or two hours of ascent and the same downhill time.
 Valle de Piedra, Potrero de Los Funes
It is
 located in one of the “roofs” of Potrero de los Funes and presents an interesting path, as it crosses mountains of molles, talas, shins, among other species. The beginning of the trail is accessed on the third bend of the road that starts behind the church, the estimated time of the excursion is 8 hours. This path is a footprint that runs along the Los Molles stream that originates piletones in the stone suitable to bathe and enjoy the freshness of its waters.
There are also several streams that have exuberant vegetation, which then ascending above the 1400 meters is lost to give rise to a herbaceous stratum accompanied by rocky floor, hence the name of the hill.
 Cerro San Ignacio 
It rises to 1,328 meters It is accessed by horse or on foot through goat trails or footprints crossing the birth of slopes and vegetation with abundant mountain mountain.
 Cerro Retana 
It is one of the highest hills, located in the Central Mountains of San Luis, with a height of 2,152 meters above sea level. It can be accessed on foot or on horseback through grasslands, mountains, canadones, rivers and slopes to then reach the top where it is possible to appreciate the beautiful mountain landscape, from its natural rock balconies.
It is suitable for trekking, moderate level, through a beautiful green landscape, the ascent to the top of the hill lasts about a full day. There are two access roads: one to the east, where the mountains have soft ripples and humid greens, and the other to the west, where the mountain falls abruptly causing deep cañadones, this option demands greater physical effort and is accessed from the Suyuque, bordering the river, by the Peñó n located 7 km from the capital sanluiseña.

Source: El Chorrillero

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