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Train of the Sierras: Córdoba on rails

We all know that Cordoba's biggest attraction is its mountain ranges. The Train of the Sierras takes you to know
El Tren de las Sierras te lleva a conocer los lugares más lindos de Córdoba
| 11 October, 2019 |

We all know that Cordoba ‘s biggest attraction is its mountain ranges. For a couple of years, Córdoba introduced a new way of getting to know them. It is the Tren de las Sierras, a new alternative for those who do not have a car, do not like the bus or never traveled by train.

The train of the Sierras begins its journey at the station of Alta Córdoba, and then has a stop at the one of Rodríguez del Busto. After these seasons, magic begins. The capital of Cordoba is left behind, and the first mountain ranges begin to look out. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and passes through eleven very picturesque places in the province.

How to assemble your trip

The train departs from Córdoba Capital to the Sierras every day of the week, with different schedules available. Tourists can take advantage of this means to make an unforgettable walk. In addition, it is a more economical option and offers a unique experience. However, we recommend that if you intend to travel on the train, you plan ahead of time. In order to get tickets passengers must show up earlier, as it is a super requested train.

The towns that can be visited on this trip are La Calera, Dumesnil, San Roque, Bialet Massé and Santa María de Punilla, among others. Passengers can choose where to descend to get to know the different locations. And, if you have a lot of time to walk, you can choose more than one. The tour ends in Cosquín, the town of folklore and rock . This tour can be done with friends, family and, above all, children are the first to enjoy. We recommend that, if the day is nice, go with the mesh ready to take a dip in the most picturesque rivers of the province.

Click on the link and find out about the timetables and prices of the Train de las Sierras.

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