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To resume trips on the Argentine routes

It's time to travel again, we leave you 4 options for your next summer vacation

It's a year away where a lot changed. From work habits, to acceleration in certain processes that were not imagined would happen so soon. A year in which most of us who inhabit this beautiful country were confined. The coronavirus forced us to change our customs and one of them, perhaps the most beautiful, to travel. To inspire deep the air from other latitudes, to extend the view and contemplate that point where heaven and earth come together.The present gives us the possibility, with proper care, to return to travel, to roll along paths already walked or others to discover.

Almost all provinces have already opened their borders, some with more requirements than others. In turn, each tourist site has its protocols. Many of them have been certified with the Stamp Safe Travel, which is endorsed by the World Travel and Tourism Council. This distinction guarantees the traveler that their holidays will be framed in certain protocols that will protect them. On the other hand, land and air transport adds biosecurity measures to take care of its passengers.

In this note we leave you four rural tourism options that will help you escape from the metropolis, giving you a dose of new air, endless horizons and activities to enjoy with your family.

Buenos Aires, La Sistina