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Tips for getting out with the car on the road during the holidays

Everything you need to know before you start your journey.
30 December, 2018

Faced with the imminent summer holidays and the massive movement of vehicles throughout the country, the associations working in road safety reiterated the advice to be taken into account in order to get the car on the road.
In this sense, it was indicated that the driver of the vehicle must carry national identity card, green card or blue card (as appropriate), current registration, and proof of the insurance policy.
Also, with respect to the engraving of autoparts, identification with domain number of doors, hood and trunk is necessary, both in the Federal Capital and in the Buenos Aires Province and Buenos Aires Province. It is law and obligation as part of a public safety policy that seeks to discourage car theft and subsequent scrapping for illegal marketing.
Regarding vehicle technical verification (VTV), although in several jurisdictions, such as the Province of Buenos Aires was already required, the government of Buenos Aires added this obligation.
As far as crystal engraving is concerned, the identification of the domain is crystals is required to get the vehicle out of the country. It will be requested at border posts, mainly by members of the Gendarmerie and Prefecture.
To comply with the recording of auto parts, the procedure is done only once and the cars located in the CABA must ask for a turn to 147 or on the page of the city government. For those registered in the Province of Buenos Aires it can be requested on 0800 444 0018 or on the website (
In relation to VTV it is mandatory from October 2016 in the City of Buenos Aires. You can take turns on the website of Turnos of the City Government ( or call 147.
It is important to go with the engraving of auto parts, as it is a condition to be able to carry out the procedure.
In addition, it is essential to have fireproof with the load control carried out and within the reach of the driver, portable beacons, emergency rubber and adjustment wrench and fluorescent vest, as well as a first aid kit.

Source: Télam

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