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Ushuaia proposes the Caminos del Fuego, a circuit with the best views in autumn

From the first days of autumn until the onset of big snowfalls, the city becomes one of the most attractive cities in the visual.

Los Caminos del Fuego is a proposal from  Ushuaia  that  involves nine strategic points to have the best views of the city and surroundings in autumn, when the  vegetation takes strong tones of the city and surroundings in autumn.aacute; lidos, which determines the name of the circuit, in a pun with the name of the island.
 From the first days of autumn until the beginning of great snowfalls , towards the end of May, the city of the End of the World becomes one of the most attractive cities in the visual, when its landscape is stained with the colors of fire thanks to the changes in foliage of ñires and lengas.
These autochthonous species combine yellow, ochre, brown and a predominant red hue in autumn, while the native coihue contrasting them with their edentulous and imperennial green leaves.
It is the favorite season for many photography lovers, when the sun peeps out late and sets earlier and offers unique landscapes for hikers who walk on land, sea and air.
Tourism authorities of  Tierra del Fuego  suggest nine ways to get the best postcards from its capital and surroundings, and first propose the city views aboard a tourist boat; of which they make landfalls on islands or islets with certain marine animals in the process of migration.
They also recommend the Paso Garibaldi viewpoint, which is the highest point of National Route 3 when crossing the Patagonian Andes, about 60 kilometers north of Ushuaia, where there is a viewpoint with a panoramic view towards the Escondido and Fagnano Lakes.
Another option is walking along the trails to the Emeralda Lagoon, nine kilometers from the valley area, to that mirror of water surrounded by the Ojo de Albino Glacier, Las Torres and Cordón Toribio.
A trek to the Martial Glacier, of medium difficulty and for the whole family, which demands an hour and a half way from its base, is another way to admire the natural landscapes and the city, as well as regain energy in some tea house when you return.
The Mirador del  Canal Beagle  -directly connected to the Martial Glacier - is located at the Hotel Las Hayas, where a trail goes up to the Wallner and Jerman slopes and reaches a second viewpoint of the Canal, with chances to take great photos on both.
Another hike with special views for autumn is the one that leads to the Waterfall Velo de Novia, from where you can observe Mount Olivia and all the surroundings to the urban area.
The Train of the End of the World, in the  Tierra del Fuego National Park , offers changing landscapes on its route, such as the river Pipo, the La Macarea waterfall and the tree cemetery, which can be combined with the historical data andoacute; rich that guides provide.
  Ushuaia  is one of the few cities in the country over which tourist flights are carried out by helicopter , which are an ideal option for photografaerial areas of the urban area and the Emeralda Lagoon and estancias, if you choose the route with landing in the Andes mountain range.
For fans or experts in mountaineering, Los Caminos del Fuego offers climbing to the Olivia and Cinco Hermanos Mountains, two icons visible from the city that, at 1,326 and 1,037 meters of altitude, respectively, provide the best panoramas on land.

Source: Telam

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