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Two key tips to care for and care for yourself in fueguino forests

An obvious enemy of the woods and another not so well known.

The wooded mass of  Tierra del Fuego  belongs to the so-called  subantarctic forests or Andean-Patagonian forests. The formation extends over the  southern part of the Cordillera de Los Andes  constituting a narrow and irregular strip that begins in the northwest of the province of  Neuquén , reaching the coast of the Beagle Canal, until extinct at its south-east end and on the Island of States.   Fueguino forests constitute the last portion of the formation, being located to the south . Both  climatic and edaphic factors have an influence on the distribution of  Tierra del Fuego vegetation.  

The climate in Fueguino forests is of Subpolar characteristics and has a marked influence of the Antarctic ice mass, cold western currents and the high ocean mass ratio to land mass. Mostly composed of  lengas and ñires, these trees date from hundreds of years old.   For those intrepid campers or for tourists who go to the end of the world,  there are a number of warnings about how to preserve the good health of Fueguino forests  , and which are also worth any forest in the world.

Fire, the main enemy

Year after year,  extractive culture and zero environmental awareness  lead to burning millions of hectares of forest around the world.  With economic intent and end or by neglect and neglect,  forests are increasingly suffering human action.

Therefore, when someone makes fire,  it is mandatory to take the time to extinguish the embers  even though they seem extinct as they belong lit for a long time, and any burst could stoke them and move them. Another  clear danger is to make fire near trees.  The middle branches of trees can be  reached by flames that appear to be smaller . But in addition to the tops,  trees can also be set on fire from the root.   Some, like the Patagonian olivillo, tend to expand their aggressive root system by many meters almost flush with the surface, so  if the soil is very heated, a fire can unleash.  

The noise

The species  Ñire is a type of tree found only in our  Patagonia  . Its more than 12 meters high and the particularity that it  dies from a few parts,  make it a tree that must be observed before approaching. The danger of a tree or branches falling into a camping or circulation area, is  foreseen by the National Rangers week by week.   However, the work of these heroes and heroines of the  forest  does not give enough and  it is likely that some dangerous nire will escape them.  

Faced with this possibility, it is necessary that whoever approaches the  forest , be careful  to avoid strong blows against the earth.   Minimal vibration could culminate in the fall of some nearby branch.  The same warning runs for windy or stormy days.  

The sound of someone's favorite song combined with that of a lake or waterfall, can cause relative pleasure; but  the constant use of a speaker, leaning or not on the floor, can collapse trees and branches . It is also more than understandable the comfort provided by electric current, facilitating light and sockets. However,  excessive use of generators can once again be detrimental to the forest and the visitor.  

 The beauty of the paradisiacal Fueguino forests and Patagonia in general is the heritage of everyone.   We must keep this in mind when visiting Patagonian paradises.

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