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Meet the trail to the Emeralda Lagoon, in the vicinity of Ushuaia

For trecking fans and nature enthusiasts, this trail is a must-see

Tierra del Fuego
laguna esmeralda tierra del fuego

The province of Tierra del Fuego is known for several reasons: Its almost Antarctic climate, the immensity of the nearby ocean and the Fin del Mundo brand are complemented by the beautiful landscapes characteristic of the Andes.  One of the favorite activities for the restless tourist visiting the province is hiking . We present you the  road to Laguna Esmeralda, known as the trail that crosses all the types of scenic attractions  that make up the island of Tierra del Fuego.

emerald lagoon tierra del fuego

On the continental periphery of the provincial capital, different types of forests can be observed. From one of Lengas, the  path  to the lagoon is born. This 9-kilometer trek  runs generally in wooded areas and hanging glaciers . It is Level 1, designed for people who do not perform physical exercise on a daily basis. It involves about 5 hours, from the entrance on RN 3, 12 km from Ushuaia.

 The trip is mostly on the rise , since it starts at a height of 259 meters above sea level (masl), and the Emerald Lagoon is 450 meters above sea level. On par with the tour, it is easy to admire  the beauty of the Emeralda River,  which flows into the ocean and rises from the lagoon of the same name

At the base of the  trail , there are the “tocones” (part of the tree that remains after being cut) and that show the past use of forest. Further between the lengas, the road is closing in its vegetation density. However, from certain clear points,  you can see amazing views of the Tierra Mayor Valley and Carvajal. 

The valley is of  glacial  origin and today is traveled by the Lasifashaj River, which flows near   Harberton stay . This symbolizes a piece of history , since in 1886 it was Tierra del Fuego's first stay. In addition, it is known that the  Yámana  tribe had there a whereabouts called Tuwuijlumbiuaia, that is, the port of the black heron.

emerald lagoon tierra del fuego

The forest is changing, from sectors where the path is purely trees, to others of  transition between forest and peat . The atmosphere reached is high mountain, although the vegetation limit is never passed.

On the way, two beaver nests are skirted and crossed a peaty. The whole journey is without a cell phone signal, but if the civil defense emergency service works.

The view reached during the road to the Emeralda Lagoon is striking. But  the landscape of this and the imposing albino glacier stand out as the attraction for which thousands of tourists visit Ushuaia throughout the year. The color of the water lives up to its name and the eternal snow that is concentrated there, imply a wonderful mix of heavenly colors.

Among the recommendations of Civil Defence, the following are:

-For the characteristics of the terrain it is necessary to use borceguis, waterproof clothing and coat all year round.

-Go with guide enabled

-Throughout the year there is a very important influx of walkers, therefore it is important not to access with pets or music, and avoid any that can cause disturbances.

-It is forbidden to enter after 15:00 during spring and summer and after 13:00 in autumn and winter.

For  hiking fans, but also for lovers of snow and nature , this tour is a must-see tour.

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Publication Date: 01/01/2021

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