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By train... to the end of the world

In the 20th century, prisoners of Fuego made the journey of this “locomotive of the end of the world” in search of building materials.

Tierra del Fuego

Getting to the end of the world by train, without a doubt, could be an unforgettable experience. This tour is an interesting proposal for those who visit Ushuaia at any time of the year. The route contemplates a natural setting composed of forests, virgin forests, crystal-clear rivers and indigenous ruins.

Starting from the End of the World Station — former prison embankment — the train runs its route along the Pipo River. During the walk, passengers admire the Cañadón del Toro and a typical Yámanas settlement (the first tribe of the place).

A voice-over (available in different languages) is responsible to narrate experiences of that time to all passengers. Large windows, that retain details of that “old steam locomotive”, allow you to travel to 1910 and remember the transfer of convicts.

La Macarena Station, considered to be of historical interest, is one of the mandatory stops of the circuit. It is said that, in its beginning, the train stopped there to collect water for the tanks of the locomotive. At this point, tourists descend to visit a viewpoint and get the best place postcards. Also, you can visit the Cascade The Macarena, formed by the melting of the Mountain Range Le Martial.

After about 20 minutes, the guard whistle invites tourists to return to the train to restart the march. The tour ends in Tierra del Fuego National Park, from which visitors can embark on tours on foot.

What you need to know

The train has two daily frequencies and its route has a duration of 2 hours. There are different rates that vary depending on the amenities to hire and catering offered on board (first class, premium and special or VIP). There are also special discounts for retirees, residents of Tierra del Fuego and under 12 years of age.

Senior Tourist $1,800
Residents PTO $900
Minor tourists (4 to 12 years) $900
Retired Argentinian $1,200
First Class $3,600
First Class (under 12 years of age) $1,800
Premium $4,200
Premium (Minor 12 years old) $2.100
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