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Bird watching in Tierra del Fuego

Watching birds is to contemplate them in their natural habitat, learning to recognize them, distinguish their feathers, colors, their songs, and Tierra del Fuego has something special.

Tierra del Fuego
avistaje de aves en tierra del fuego

A surprising number of environments and landscapes reach the birdwatcher on the island of  Tierra del Fuego . An environment full of unique forests, steppes, ports and the possibility of witnessing the arrival of migratory birds.


By the characteristics of our country, spread from North to South, the variety of avifauna is amazing. Provinces like Salta are the paradise for observers with 65% of Argentina's species. Towards the poles is decreasing, worldwide the population of these animals.  Patagonia Argentina has almost 300 species of birds, many of them endemic. Tierra del Fuego, in particular has 200 varieties registered in, as we said, dissimilar environments. This allows the visitor to live an optimal experience.


If you talk about seabirds and migratory, you should mention: Antarctic Pigeon, Southern Oyster, Reddish Beach, Double Collar Plover, Sea Becasa, Common Giant Petrel, Black Eyebrow Albatross, Caranca and Penguin varieties.


On the other hand, in the Fueguina steppe region are observed: Dormilona Friar, Silver Macá, Cinnamon Plover, Cinnamon Plover, Chocolate Monjita, Cauquén Cabeza Colorada, Espartillero Austral, among others. And in the forest of Lengas inhabits the Austral Caburé, the Patagonian Picolezna, the Giant Carpenter, the Rayadito and the Black Pico Cachudito.

Places of interest to watch birds

 Coastal Walk of the Atlantic Coast Reserve  

bird watching in tierra del fuego

In Rio Grande, the second city in the province, there is a fascinating activity where places such as the  Paseo Costanero of the Atlantic Coast Reserve are known.  Access to this is in front of the municipality building to, from there, tour the coast. The reservation offers visitors free binoculars. The route is 3 kilometers along a bike path, which allows you to enjoy walking, cycling or rollers.


 Interpretation Centre of the Atlantic Coast Reserve 

The reserve also has an interpretation centre to understand more about the world of birds, where suitable staff provides visitors with all the information that is required. It is located on RN 3 in front of Las Barrancas neighborhood, in the north exit of the city.

bird watching in tierra del fuego

The place also has a didactic exhibition where you learn about migratory routes. Distinguish between foreign and endemic species. From the Interpretation Centre you reach the beach, to observe the flora of the coast.


 Punta Popper Urban Nature Reserve 

The  Punta Popper Urban Nature Reserve  is located in the southeast sector of the urban center, which divides the mouth of the Rio Grande from the Argentine Sea. This natural area can be traveled through an interpretative path of low difficulty, which concludes in a viewpoint with beautiful views of the city, and the estuary. Among the birds are the Becasa de mar, the reddish beach and the white rabadilla playerito, among others.

bird watching in tierra del fuego

 Laguna de los Patos 

Breaking the repetition of the urban landscape, is the  Laguna de los Patos , which offers a special place for birds. The tour is self-guided and has a viewpoint that reaches the shore of the lagoon, gives us the opportunity to relax in a typical steppe environment and discover the richness of the surrounding environment. In the summer season there are no number of lacustrine birds. But in the winter the water mirror becomes an ice skating rink ideal for family enjoyment.

bird watching in tierra del fuego

Source: Infuetur

Publication Date: 09/04/2021

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