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Beagle Channel, a fueguina experience at the end of the world

The landscapes of Ushuaia are one of the most beautiful in Argentina, and the excursion to the Beagle Canal, a must-see for those visiting the Fueguina province.

Tierra del Fuego

With more than 200 miles, the Beagle Canal connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, and is considered one of the most imposing landscapes in  Ushuaia . Tourists from all over the world arrive to visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the Emeralda Lagoon and the Martial Glacier.

Undoubtedly,  the most chosen excursion for tourists  arriving as a  family  is the visit to the Beagle Canal. From the tourist port, boats leave daily that manage to travel it in 4 hours and allow you to contemplate virgin forests and various islets.

The route includes a tour of  Alicia Island  and the  Isla de los Lobos  , where you can see colonies of this species. Also the Isla de los Pájaros, home to royal and imperial cormorants, and the  Bridges Islands , rich in marine diversity.

An obligatory stop is the  Fin del Mundo   Lighthouse “Les Eclaireus ”, considered the most emblematic place in the city. This window to the sea is the oldest in  Argentina  (1884), and is an ideal setting for panoramic photographs.

From October to March, Martillo Island joins this visit, where tourists can see the  Magellanic Penguin colony . Modern walkways allow visitors to tour the area and live this experience in first person.

 When to go?  

An interesting fact is that the trip to the Beagle Canal can be done at all seasons of the year. The price ranges from $3700 to $4500, depending on the route and the type of boat. While all tourists must pay a $40 port fee, the good news is that children  under 4  do not pay.

Publication Date: 26/10/2019

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