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The Way of the Year

The Way of the Year is a typical mountain route, endless curves and a range of unique landscapes. Pumas, guanacos
El Camino del Año es una ruta típica de montaña
02 November, 2019

The Way of the Year has its a well-earned name, is that some inveterate traveler will have told them by some time: they are 365 curves. Of course, no one expected less when it was a high mountain and 57 kilometers in length. Some people choose him to walking, others to reach a particular destination. There are those who run it in 4×4, others by car, some by bike and, finally, more than once, I crossed some how many daring cyclists.

It joins two important localities in the province of Mendoza. The Way of the Year is completed in two hours, in any of your senses. At one end, Villavicencio. The very place that gives name to the mineral water. And right there is the hotel, the one you see on the labels. Some pine trees and a supply company, not much more. On the other end, Uspallata. Main villa of the high mountain Mendoza. Big. With schools, hospital, police station, gas station, restaurants, hotels, etc. Perhaps that’s why most people choose to leave from Villavicencio, to finish in Uspallata and taste a rich barbecue, with goat and lamb, or some good pasta.

Images to record on the retina

Postcards that remain in the memory of smart phones are amazing. Even better. if we capture everything with our eyes and save it for those moments boring in which we dig into our memory to move to some I remember. And then we’ll find guanacos coming up, looking at us, and They leave. Condors flying closer than we would like; is that their size is to be feared. Eternal snows on some distant peaks. And, if the sky clear accompanies, Aconcagua himself emerges on the horizon towards the West.

It’s right there. It’s not a typical tourist attraction of our land. But that does, for those who know, even more fascinating. The tourist who passes it is not new to Mendoza, was already in Puente del Inca, went to the Uco Valley and visited San Rafael. They’re still stunned. And then there is no doubt: the Way of the Year is a gem that we can not fail to visit.

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