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The unique experience of trekking, with a flame of companion

When you descend from the hills you will have made yourself part of an ancient culture, with the seasoning of
La experiencia única del trekking
27 January, 2020

The Yokavil Valley, located between Catamarca and Tucumán, was one of the most populated areas of our country until the Spaniards arrived and did their job. We must go back to 8000 years BC, in that moment of the past, various cultures deployed their activity in the valley. From this period remain unseen witnesses of pucarás, housing complexes, cultivation platforms and other constructions which legitimize a socially rich past along the valley that is crossed by the Santa Maria River.

At the southern end of that valley, on Route 40, is Las Mojarras. A village that the last census indicated that its inhabitants were no more than a thousand. A place for the view to enjoy and the soul is infused with nature. It is located seven kilometers from Santa María de Yokavil, the head of the department of the same name, which presents an interesting diversity of accommodations and proposals gastronomic for the tourist.

In Las Mojaras the so-called community tourism is carried out, the enterprise called Llamas del Yokavil offers the visitor to live the experience of a family camp or, for those who want something less time, trekking with flames.

The activity lasts about three hours. It is done with few people, and always in situations related to the well-being of the flame. The challenge is to reach the top of Cerro Pintado, a national historical monument since 1994. Before leaving, we offer an explanatory talk about camelid: its diet, its physical characteristics, its history in the region, the the formation of their families and the distribution of roles.

Then begins the stage of socialization with the animal. The tourist must touch it to weave a bond of trust mutual. It also clarifies that they are used to walking to the right of the people and that, if someone stands in front of them, they stop moving forward, between other basic details for the output.

Socializing with the flames

The journey begins and, the first thing to pass is a group of mortars deepened into the rock that were used for grinding with

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