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The Pagonic Andes, ready to receive hikers

From the National Park Administration it is remembered to take into account the recommendations when touring the paths of the Andean-Patagonian Parks.

Desde la Administración de Parques Nacionales se recuerda tener en cuenta las recomendaciones a la hora de recorrer los senderos de los Parques andino-patagónicos.

As part of the process of reopening to the public and resetting activities in the national protected areas, the  National Parks  of Andean Patagonia work to enable trails and remind the public of the various preventive and registration measures in relation to trekking activities.

 Lanín National Parks in Neuquén and  Nahuel Huapi in Neuquén and Río Negro maintain the mandatory trekking registration system implemented for years in order to have visitor data and equipment in case of emergency. It must be carried out by all people who make a trail or crossing in these protected areas.

Registration for Nahuel Huapi is done online through this  link , while in the case of Lanín it is available  here . Both these pages and on the social networks of each protected area provide information about the trails enabled and recommendations in the framework of the prevention campaign  “Only Footprints”.  

In Chubut, the  Lago Puelo National Park  offers the hiker various alternatives and requirements: the Pitranto large trail, of low difficulty, the path and viewpoint of the lake, of medium difficulty; the circuit El Faldeo - El Chucao, of medium/high difficulty and the routes of high demand through the path to Turbio by the collapse of the cord Derrumbe and the path Los Milestos. To travel both this last trail and the section of the Andean Huella within the protected area, which was recently enabled after the reopening tasks on the ground, it is mandatory to complete the trekking registration in the Office of Reports of the City of the Park.

In the same province, the paths enabled to the public in  Los Alerces National Park  are Irigoyen Waterfall, Rock Paintings, Puerto Limonao, Cinco Saltos, Quebrada del León, Chucao Circuit, Mirador del Lago Verde, Cascada del Axa, Rivadavia River Circuit, Laguna del Toro, Cascada de los Tambores, Cauce Viejo, La Balsa and Laguna Escondida, these last two activities with mandatory prior registration.

what national parks are open

 Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz also continues the gradual opening of its trails. In the northern zone of the protected area are the trails of the backbone network: trails to Fitz Roy, Laguna Torre (including Mother and Hija connection), Loma del Peble Tumbado, Chorrillo del Salto and viewpoints Los Condores and Las Aguilas. In addition, trekking to Buscini and Frías shelters were enabled, as well as climbing in the North Zone. These activities are carried out with mandatory prior registration, which is processed in the Report Centre of the Intendency of the Park (Zona Sur) and in the Lago Viedma Sectional (North Zone).

In addition, entry is allowed to the Guanaco and Moyano Sectionals in the Central Area of the protected area, although it is remembered that they are difficult to access and without communication, so in case of any accident or eventuality there is a long time of emergency response.

Also in Santa Cruz,  Perito Moreno National Park  continues in Phase 1, open to local residents of Gobernador Gregores and without overnight stay. To explore the Circuits Grande y Chico, Mirador del Lago Belgrano, Lake Volcano, Alero del Guardaparque Trail and the Burmeister recreational area, the virtual  registration must be done .

Finally, the  Tierra del Fuego National Park , the southernmost protected area of the system, offers multiple possibilities for hiking of different difficulties and access to viewpoints and other points of interest. Walker, considered to be of high difficulty, it is mandatory to specify the online registration by means of the following  link .


Among the preventive measures in front of each exit to the mountain, it is necessary to take into account the complexity and extent of the trekking trails, so as to consider the hours of walking involved and the physical capacity of each person. It is necessary to go out early and bring water, adequate mountain clothes (not footwear, light shoes or clothing), sunscreen and hat. In turn, there are certain essential premises: you must never deviate from the path and always be accompanied.

The prognosis and possible sudden changes in temperature that can cause sunstroke or hypothermia should also be taken into account, as well as know that trees and branches can fall in the face of increased wind. In this regard, changes in the conditions of access to the trails may vary from open to closed depending on weather alerts and status of trails.

In the event of an accident, anyone providing relief must signal the site, not unnecessarily move the injured person and never leave him alone.

Due to the pandemic context, it is mandatory to comply with all the protocols and regulations in force by COVID-19 regarding the use of barbijo, social distancing, circulation and general recommendations.

Source: APN Press

Publication Date: 14/01/2021

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