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The heat and dengue come

High temperatures reactivate the dengue alert. We tell you what you have to keep in mind to prevent it.


The rains and the advent of high temperatures again ignited the alarms due to the possible emergence of agents that transmit diseases . For this reason, the Municipal Public Health Secretariat of Rosario (Santa Fe) reiterated general recommendations to avoid dengue.

Since the transmitter is the mosquito aedes aegypti, the priority is to eliminate all possible breeding grounds, between they containers that can accumulate water and enable the development of the larvae of the insect.

In the municipal portfolio they launched a series of recommendations and suggestions to prevent the development of dengue mosquitoes in areas and materials in which they usually reproduce, such as buckets, bottles and tires, among other items that can be found in homes.

In turn, it should be noted that in the presence of symptoms such as fever, pain behind the eyes, headache, muscle and joints, it is recommended, fundamentally, to be placed repellant, consult to the doctor and do not self-medicate.

Priority recommendations in the city are to empty buckets and cans where water can accumulate, as well as bottles that are outdoors; to put tire covers under roof; to keep the tanks covered. water; clean animal drinkers every day, in a process of emptying, brushing and refilling; maintain environments free from mosquitoes using spirals, tablets or insecticides and using extra lasting repellents.

On the road

When traveling, it is recommended to use repellents on exposed skin and renew its application according to the indications of the product, and spray clothes also with repellent as mosquitoes can bite through fine fabric garments and wear long sleeves and long pants if activities are carried out in the air free, use spirals or repellent tablets.

In case of to use sunscreen, you must first apply the blocker and wait at least ten minutes to apply the repellent on top.

On the other hand, one should not stop emptying or cleaning and covering reservoirs of stagnant water that may be mosquito breeding grounds and it should be borne in mind that the first hours of the morning and sunset are the hours in which the mosquito has the greatest activity.

Prevention tasks

From the Preventionactions are supported by the municipality of diseases transmitted by aedes aegypti. In this sense, the should reinforce the decacharration actions that are carried out all year round, and increase after rains. It's about emptying, cleaning or covering standing waterreservoirs: this task is one of the most effective ways to remove larvae and prevent vector reproduction.

In addition, in Within the framework of prevention tasks, various areas perform monitoring of viral circulation in different areas of the city.

For this prevention mode, 18 ovitrampswere installed in different areas of Tabladaneighborhood (where the last outbreak of the disease occurred), which determine whether or not there is eggs that develop the vector.

In the face of the presence of symptoms such as fever, pain behind the eyes, headache, muscle or joint pain, it is recommended to put on repellent, consult a doctor and not self-medicate

Publication Date: 20/12/2019

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