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The flavors and aromas of Patagonian gastronomy at the Cocina de los Lagos festival

The fifth edition of the festival will take place in Lago Puelo (Chubut), between 29 and 31 March.
5° edición del festival Cocina en los lagos, será el 29 y el 31 de marzo.
28 March, 2019

The town of Lago Puelo, in the province of Chubut, will host the fifth edition of the gastronomic festival “Cuisine de los Lagos”, which combines the natural beauties of the mountain range with local products from the Patagonian region, according to the organizers.
“ We hope it will be a success and contribute to joining our efforts to position the Corridor de los Andes on the Argentinian culinary map,” Mavy Jaichenco told Télam.
The program anticipates that 12 of the guest chefs will set up their stand with gourmet meals, made from the elements available in the region, which will sell to the attending audience at reasonable prices.
In total, about 40 chefs from different Argentine provinces are expected to arrive.
In addition, there will be master classes, regional wine tastings and oenological tastings.
There will also be an island of craft beers (one of the flagship products of the Andean region), next to the fair of artisans, producers and artistic numbers.
“ In this area there are numerous artisanal productions of ice cream, chocolates, liqueurs, yoghurts, cheeses, mushrooms, mustards, preserves and jellies made with fine fruits, as well as many vegetable gardens that give top quality organic products,” Jaichenco added.
In the final day there will be a solidarity lunch, this time a mountain curanto, to benefit the Club Frontera de Lago Puelo.
The festival has the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation; ministries of Tourism and Production of Chubut; Cooking Argentina program; and the Argentine Chamber of Tourism, among other national, provincial and municipal organizations.

Source: Télam

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