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The fishing of the dorado, a unique experience

In the Termas del Rio Hondo one of the most frequent activities is fishing, and the most attractive is the fishing of the dorado in the dam.


Fishing can be considered an activity of concentration, relaxation or even a sport. Everyone lives their relationship with  nature  as he likes. In the  Termas del Rio Hondo ,  Santiago del  Estero, fishing for the  dorado is a great attraction.

The ideal place to go in search of your dorado is in the  dam area. Fish naturally go up and down the river. The construction makes this site a place that gathers many gilded ones. If you don't know how to fish, it's no problem, at Las Termas you'll find  guides  that will make your experience unforgettable.

In the process of  fishing del dorado  they will teach you the basics of fishing and the secrets to keep in mind when catching this specimen.  Some fish using natural baits, others prefer to use flies lures.  The guides will also offer other fishing spots that will suit the intensity that the fisherman wants to have in their experience.


Fishing and return

Having a fish hung on the wall has gone out of fashion, digital photo and social media have done a great favor to fishing for the dorado, and especially al dorado. Today, with the technology on our side, fishermen, when capturing al dorado, can take a photo and return it to the water. This is called “ fishing and return ” and ensures that the animal does not lose its life and that gold fishing does not go at risk.

The fishing of dorado has grown throughout  history , in Las  Termas  stories and legends  about these fish have already been formed. The most frequent fishing offers specimens between 8 to 15 kilos, but there are stories that claim that there are much larger fish. You can be a part, come to Las Termas, look for your gold.


Publication Date: 04/02/2020

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By: El Xeneize 29 December, 2020

Nunca pesque en Termas del Río Hondo, pero el que se haga en una zona de represa tiene poco de atractivo y deportivo. Es mas un pesca y pague.

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