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The end of the world, literal

In the province of Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost postal unit on the planet and visiting it represents an
Tierra del Fuego
31 May, 2018

Traveling to the end of the worldin Argentina is not a metaphor: it is a concrete and literal possibility. Stamped on the passportand the opportunity to send postcardsto the people you want from there: from the End of the Worlditself. In the province of Tierra del Fuegois the southernmost postal uniton the planet and visiting it represents an experience in itself.

The End of the World Postal Unitwas inaugurated on 12 December 1997. Surrounded by Magellanic forests, it is located in Ensenada Bay, although at first it was on Redonda Island, in the middle of the Beagle Channel. There sailors and adventurers stopped to send signs of life to their families. However, improvements in communications were reducing the usefulness of this service until it became a unique tourist attraction.

At the helm of the postal unit is Carlos Delorenzo, an unusual character who took the liberty of creating his own country, the Independent Republic of Redonda, of which he proclaimed himself governor. At the office, then, it is also possible to be accredited as a “citizen of the Principality of the Country of the Island Redonda”. All this, with an incredible Patagonian landscape as a backdrop. Too many good reasons to venture into the End of the World, right?

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