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The Corridor of the Andes, a must-see route for 2020

Two Rionegrin towns and nine Chubutenses gave life to the Corridor de Los Andes, which covers about 300 kilometers at
Río Negro
Corredor de los Andes
| 04 February, 2020 |

Already in the summer, the greenish Patagonian forest and the distant hills are enveloped with grandiose lakes and winding mountain rivers in the heterogeneous offer of adventure tourism; while the exquisite gastronomy makes the afternoons a meeting place.

Between El Manso and El Bolsón, in the southwest of Rio Black, and Corcovado, passing through Esquel, in the center of Chubut, these 300 kilometers travel in about five hours by car. Four international accesses link Argentina to Chile and a dozen villages share rivers, lakes and forests, with the mountain range, colossal and solemn, as a refuge to the west. Route 40 is the connecting tube, from which other roads linking the towns take off. The landscape amalgamates air, land and water, creating great horizons for lovers of photography and full nature.

This Corridor is, in some way, an extension of the Andean region and includes the Rionegrin towns of El Manso and El Bolsón, and the Chubutenses of El Maitén, El Hoyo, Lago Puelo, Epuyén, Cholila, Gualjaina, Esquel, Trevelin and Corcovado. The tourist has two weeks to visit the huge handful of villages waiting to be known.

Corredor de los Andes

Pure Patagonia

Beyond the beauty that unites these destinations, family travel is the common denominator that surprises everyone. The Corridor allows you to take advantage of each day in a different place, sleep and resume the activity the next day. Undoubtedly, the nature of Patagonia, with countless variations, is the best ally for this unique adventure.

Those who love submissive water will be trapped by the crystal-clear lakes, where fly fishing and boating are the best options to enjoy. For those looking for adrenaline, river rafting is an ideal option for groups of friends and families.

Corredor de los Andes

By land, horseback riding and various hiking and cycling tours, are ideal for taking the dimension of the natural wealth as well as regional productions.

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