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The city of waterfalls

Oberá, in the province of Misiones, has everything you need to cool off this summer. Waterfalls for every taste.


In the summer, Misiones province is hot, very hot! If you plan to go for that date nothing better than pack some little things and travel straight to Oberá, the city of the Falls of Water.  What do you need to go? Only the basics:  matte , mesh, eyecards, sunscreen and a powerful mosquito repellent. 

The city of Oberá is located in the center of the province of  Misiones , in the region of the Central Sierras, on the RN14. It is surrounded by streams, waterfalls and mountains that offer tourists a picturesque landscape. The “Capital del Monte” has many  natural attractions  and a wide variety of hotel and gastronomic services. But there is nothing better than refreshing the body under its incredible waterfalls.

 Salto Berrondo, the jewel of Obereña 

Any visitor arriving in Oberá is dazzled by the imposing beauty of Salto Berrondo. Located 8 km from the city, it is a tourist complex surrounded by  nature  to enjoy with the family.

The Salto Berrondo is a place to feel the biosphere in connection with the water and native trees. Black and white cinnamon, ferns, cocus, tacuapís and lianas are planted throughout the complex. It also has a large park, a beautiful lake, sports courts and camping area. Trekking  trails  and a swimming pool are also available.  But its main  attraction  is a spectacular water jump 15 meters high.  

Sites like Salto Berrondo disconnect the visitor from the daily maelstrom. Breathing the perfume of vegetation, with the sun on your face and feet in natural waters is priceless.

 Waterfalls for restless spirits 

Within the Department of Oberá, in the town of Guaraní you can visit 3 more Saltos: Krysiuk, Sokalski and Sak.

The Krysiuk Salto has all the amenities for  camping  in the summer season. It has a pool and even cabins to rent. It is ideal for those looking for nature and comfort. Entering a wild area,  the Sokalski Falls is an attraction of great beauty, but with less tourist structure . Special for adventurers! The Sak, on the other hand, is not a Jump, but three in one!Just like the Sokalski Jump requires the same restless  spirit  .

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Publication Date: 30/06/2020

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