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The avalanche in the high mountains

The avalanche is one of the many dangers that can lurk us while on the mountain. We cut you off what you have to do.

La avalancha en las altas montañas

The avalanche, also known as an avalanche, is one of the many dangers that can lie in wait on the  mountain . There is little chance of getting out of it unharmed, so you have to be very careful at heights. This kind of event, does not happen from one moment to another, usually gives us a certain amount of time to take security measures.

The signs that warn an avalanche are as follows:

• Small movements of the ground, slight landslides or inflows.
• New cracks in the foundations.
• Accumulation at the base of a slope.
• Weak and rumbling noises.
• Tilt the earth down in one direction.
• Sounds that are not common, such as cracking trees.

What to do?

In an avalanche situation you should drop your ski poles and try some kind of swim stroke. When the fall stops, it is important to curl like a ball and put your hands in front of your face. In order to know which side the surface is on, it is advisable to spit your hand and observe where the saliva is going. It is very important to preserve energy and oxygen, so do not scream. Try to get an arm to the surface, and wait for the lifeguards.

Source: Montagne Blog

Publication Date: 02/07/2019

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