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The 7 best trekking trails in the Neuquén Norte corridor

There are a wide variety of circuits and paths between picturesque valleys and mountains, for the practice of this activity.


There are a wide variety of circuits and paths between picturesque valleys and mountains, for the practice of this activity. A major attraction in this region is the loneliness and little human presence, it is possible to meet with villagers or transhumants with their livestock and enjoy a privileged place where we will find the possibility of a natural environment with remarkable contrasts, the absence of large groves offers us views that allow you to appreciate the magnitude and exuberance of the highest mountains of Patagonia.

Among the most popular routes are the following:

  1.  Chos Malal:  It offers to tour the surroundings of the town through low and medium difficulty circuits such as La Virgen Hill, La Tortuga, La Cruz, or high as the crossing to Las Vertientes or Cerro Colorado. The trails also provide a wonderful panorama along the Curi Leuvú River Valley.
  2.  A.N.P.P. El Tromen:  Depending on the time available, you can make an entertaining circuit through the park's lagoons watching variety of birds such as macaes, black-necked swans, flamingos, pitoys, etc. and aquatic and transitional fauna.
  3.  Andacollo:  Valleys, mountains and hills such as the Huaraco or Centinela, located in the surroundings of the city, can be traveled on foot through low and medium difficulty trails. The Huaraco Creek jump 4 km from the town is an excellent circuit for trekking.
  4.  Huinganco : Corona hill and San Pedro viewpoint provide a wonderful panoramic view of the town and its mountain range. A trekking from low to medium difficulty (depending on where the ascent starts) can foresee a day of adventure. Walking through the pine forests to the Huinganco lagoon is also a very interesting circuit. A visit to the A.N.P.P. Cañada Molina that protects a relict of cypresses, from Charra Ruca is also a very attractive crossing, although it is a path of a few kilometers the path is somewhat steep and you have to watch out for the signage. The view of the valley that forms the Neuquén river is unique.
  5.  Manzano Amargo : An unmissable place to practice these activities is the Salto del Arroyo La Fragua, with a height of approximately 40 meters. Its surroundings are covered by a small forest of ñires and llao llao where through a walk you can observe dozens of species of birds. In the hills that surround the town there are some “chenques”: natural caverns that the ancient inhabitants used as a refuge. From there the panoramic view of the town and the surrounding area is magnificent.
  6.  Varvarco and Old Invernada:  The way to the protected area is located the place La Matancilla, where you can see Los Bolillos: extraordinary and whimsical rock formations eroded by the action of nature, with reddish and yellow tones that contrast with the box of theiacute; or Varvarco where through a simple trekking you can enjoy these magnificent formations. Also at A.N.P.P. Domuyo you can walk around and enjoy the protected hot springs in the park. 10 km from the town is the Colomichicó rock art park, an archaeological area containing more than 600 stones with pre-hispanic engraving. There the alternatives depend on how much you want to walk, since walking around the entire park can take many hours. Also here it is advisable to hire the site guides to do it safely. The canyons of the river Atreuco and Covunco allow you to live an interesting trekking experience admiring the formations generated around the watercourses.
  7.  Las Ovejas:  The A.N.P.P. Lagunas Epulauquen, has countless trails where it is possible to practice trekking and wildlife observation, such as the interpretive trail “Hayas del Sur”. Birdwatching here has a special seasoning, because there you can see a bird that only lives here (endemic), the chestnut huet.

Source: Ministry of Tourism of Neuquén

Publication Date: 22/01/2019

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