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What is the true cultural heritage of Santiago

Rich in cultural traditions, vibrant in its music, dance and the poetry of its chacareras, Santiago del Estero is a province with an ingrained and interesting folk collection.

Santiago del Estero

The cultural heritage of Santiago del Estero is valued in museums, cultural spaces, parties, but especially in the popular meetings held every week in “courtyards” and squares, where everyone is invited to dance.

On the other hand, wonderful pieces emerge from the hands of local artisans, from drums to baskets woven with natural fibers, to weaving looms to carvings in wood, leather and silver.

And of course we can not leave out the gastronomy, with the characteristics of santiagueñas empanadas, the kid and numerous sweets.

 The chacarera, a song to the earth full of santiagueñas traditions. 

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History, tradition and culture are essential elements of the province's life. Respected as the birthplace of folklore, Santiago del Estero is the land of valuable singers and dancers, as well as the origin of much of the most renowned national songs. In any home there are drums and guitars, and chacareras are the stars of the area. It is enough to listen to them to recognize in their lyrics stories, places and features of the nature of the Santiagueños. Violins harmonies are amalgamated with stories about San Francisco Solano, who Christianized escorted his magical sound. Among the instruments it catches especially the sachaguitarra, which is typical of the province.

To learn more about this santiagueña tradition visitors can visit the Casa del Folklorista, the Andrés Chazarreta House Museum and the Casa Museo de los Carabajal, which reflect an established tradition. At the Upianita Artisan and Productive Fair, 27 km from the capital, every Saturday there is a great cultural encounter with characteristic gastronomy, live music, handicrafts, horseback riding and in Sulky. Unmissable is the  Bombos March , which brings together tens of thousands of tourists and Santiagueños on the Saturday before the city's anniversary (July 25), with a caravan in pure chacarera in which the sound of the instruments excites.

 Santiagueñas handicrafts 

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Santiago del Estero is famous for the richness of its handcrafted souvenirs executed in different materials, which are authentic works of art. High-level luthieres perform drums, boxes, guitars, charangos, harps and violins. The most popular instrument is the bass drum, popular for its sound and manufacture, and so called because it can be heard a league away. It is made with ceibo wood, felling or white quebracho, and patches of robe leather, goat, sheep or vizcacha.

Another of the most distinctive artisanal expressions of the province is the basketry, of great importance in Rio Hondo, Jimenez and Ojo de Agua. They emphasize the baskets of clothes (called baskets hype), fountains and bags that are manufactured by hand using brava straw, shawl, unquillo and palm bud. Wooden objects are also made, including the traditional quebracho colorado, woven on looms with colorful sheep wool, leather pieces of the santiagueños braiders and saddles, silverware, noseware and pottery pieces with techniques of more than 40 years ago to shape clay and red earth.

 And gastronomy 

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The province of Santiago del Estero brings together a great gastronomic attraction, based on the renowned santiagueñas empanadas and chivitos, to which humita, tamal, locro and delights such as empanadilla, tortilla, chipaco, santiagueño alfajor or moroncito are added. Also regional desserts such as bolanchao, fig jams with walnut, mandarin puddings, natural fruits such as carob, mistol and chañar, of which liquors and ice cream are also made.

Source: Undersecretary of Tourism of Santiago del Estero

Publication Date: 28/09/2020

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