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Tara Inti Island: the wild life of hot springs in its purest form

The Tara Inti Natural Recreational Reserve is a refuge where nature finds a refuge for the human being.

Santiago del Estero
Isla Tara Inti

Accessing the waterfront that borders the Rio Dulce from the thermal city to the Rio Hondo del Dique Frontal Dam, we arrive at the Tara Inti Natural Recreation Reserve. This place is a stronghold where nature finds a refuge from the human being. Wildlife there can be seen, photographed and heard as in few places in the province of  Santiago del Estero .

From the waterfront we easily cross the Rio Dulce by a modern bridge that gives access to the wooden walkways that mark the circuit where we will walk without contaminating the ground. The harmony of the place is something that invites silence, to walk. And discover the diversity of birds and trees that inhabit the island.

Tara Inti means “Isla de Sol” in Quichua Aymara language. Walking through its 24 hectares is a simple task for travelers of all ages. The walkways guide us through signs that tell us where to go, what to see and what we are seeing.


These walkways join 4 viewpoints from where you can appreciate more carefully the nature that surrounds us. They allow a good panoramic space to photograph or rest a few minutes.

Every meter we advance within the reserve takes us into a green space. With silences that are interrupted only by squaking, flutting or dancing the branches of trees to the wind.

The circuit in total covers 600 meters on aerial walkways made of quebracho colorado santiagueño wood and the entire reserve preserves a space of the wetlands of Parque Chaqueño Seco.


With a total of 100 species that visit it annually, the Tara Inti Nature Reserve is an ideal walk for bird watching or birdwatching.

On the side of the bird fauna the species of the place are classified into songbirds, birds of prey and waterfowl.

Among the species of waterfowl are the Corn Duck, Blackberry Heron, White Heron, White Heron, White Heron, American Stork, Tero, Cuervillo Cara Peelada, Cuervillo de Cañada, Pink Spatula, Southern Flamingo, Mora Bandurria, Chajá, Heron Witch and many more.

Of the songbirds we can mention the Common Calacante, Parakeet, Talking Parrot, Crepe, Earejudo Owl, Nacurutu, Black Wing Watchacaminos, Small Kingfisher, Country Carpenter, White Monjita, Colorado Thrush, Golden Goldfinch, Fire Bra, etc.

In addition, in the wetland there are amphibious and reptile animals such as Frogs, Toads, Snakes, Lizards, Rodents and Sierra Morena, among others.


On the side of flora Tara Inti has among its species Tusca, Carob, Quebracho Colorado, Mistol, Chañar, Ucle, Vinal, Creole Willow, Totoras, Chamalotes and more.

Paleontological remains found on the island with their proper descriptions can also be observed. These remains correspond to the quaternary era. They allow millions of years to travel in the natural past of  Termas de Rio Hondo .

In turn, from the last viewpoint you get a great panoramic view of the Dulce River Dam and the Front Dam ideal for photographing.

For all said we recommend you to visit the Tara Inti Nature Reserve. Know the nature of the area and respect an ecological paradise preserved for everyone.

Source: Ministry of Tourism Santiago del Estero

Publication Date: 05/09/2019

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