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As out of a story: Villa La Punta offers tranquility and various activities on its trails

If you're thinking about relaxing on your next vacation, the colorful valleys of Villa La Punta are a good option. We tell you their attractive activities and relaxation spaces.

Santiago del Estero
Villa La Punta

 Villa La Punta  is located 92 kilometers from the city of  Santiago del Estero . It is a small community of colorful valleys with an ideal climate, as it is neither cold nor hot, this way motivates tourists to make different walks, such as horseback riding, trekking, sulky, and bicycle. Much of the landscape is dominated by intense green, along with its extensive plains that make the place a unique landscape.

Also, in this area you can enjoy streams that are thrown through a ravine and also a lush vegetation guarantees the tranquility that many want to feel during holidays. The native beauty, and the  relaxation  that this place provides is one of the most attractive features that this area of Santiago has.

 Like coming out of a story 

Villa La Punta

In  Villa La Punta  you can see some houses among ancient trees, which are part of the urban conglomerate. The Parish Virgen del Carmen is also a point of attraction for tourists, as this church was built in 1860, with stones, as the main building material of the temple. Also in this town, locals produce regional products and  handicrafts  where they are offered to the whole community and tourists once they visit the place.

And if in the mornings visitors walk the streets of the Villa you can feel the aroma of chañar, the sweet envelops the roads of the city. You can also appreciate its old buildings that go back to the history of the village. As for its gastronomy, the  locals  are specialists in making roasted chivitos, and for snack, the gastronomic sector produces and offers in their stalls Homemade bread with goat dulce de leche which is also an entrenched tradition of its inhabitants who make them in their homes. These foods are the most consumed in this area, and those who taste these flavors make them travel to their childhood.

Both young and older adults can enjoy the landscapes of  Villa La Punta , as this place offers activities according to the age of each visitor. On the other hand, the different shades of green of the monte santiagueño seduce and invite tourists to a few days of rest. In this sense, it should be noted that in spring and summer it is where more visitors are coping this Villa, without forgetting that every Good Friday there is a pilgrimage to Cerro La Cruz, a place also very visited by different people who arrive from different parts of the country.

Villa La Punta

Villa La Punta has just 100 hotel spaces and some camping places. They also offer rest in Frías, 51 kilometers from the Villa, other options are the  Termas de Río Hondo  at 105 kilometers and the capital of Santiago only 86 kilos and the capital of Santiago is only 86 kilo-oacute; meters. Santiago del Estero can be reached by plane to Vicecomodoro Angel de la Paz Aragones Airport or Termas de Rio Hondo, in the city of the same name. Also by car or by bus on national routes 34; 64 and 9.

In this way,  Villa La Punta  musicalized by the song of birds and the sound of the wind, makes tourists have that feeling of peace and tranquility so longed for. It is an ideal place to visit and renew energies for next year.

Publication Date: 05/01/2021

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