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When a cemetery can be tourist

Like the world-famous Recoleta cemetery, Rosario holds a lot of history and heritage value.

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Cuando un cementerio puede ser turístico

The main entrance to El Salvador Cemetery is in Ovidio Lagos 1840 in the city of Rosario. Opened on July 7, 1856, it is located very close to the Independence Park and the Newell's court. The property occupies about five hectares comprising the streets Ovidio Lagos, Av. Pellegrini, Av. Godoy and Av. Francia.

This cemetery stands as a monumental space, influenced by European architectural and urban traditions. It shares, with the famous Buenos Aires cemetery of Recoleta, the fact that it is a real tourist attraction. This is because, since the end of the 19th century, the construction of family pantheons of great architectural value was popularized. In this way, the necropolis has an artistic, historical and cultural heritage that make it a space conducive to the development of activities that offer the local and foreign public a memory of characters and past experiences valued by the community.

As a result, it can be said that El Salvador cemetery is worth rescuing, valorizing and spreading among Rosarines and visitors to the city. In this sense, in addition to the services provided by a cemetery, there are also those of cultural tint that offer visitors tours that rescue part of our history. It is a city of silence and memory, where history, art and architecture merge. On its eleven hectares there are lavish pantheons and sober niches that enclose the history of Rosario

Renovated for tourism

After an intervention that included polishing the mosaics to the installation of ornamental lighting, the façade of the El Salvador cemetery recently regained the splendor that had deteriorated over time.

The remodeling included a series of comprehensive works, ranging from cleaning and hydro washing surfaces to polishing granitic mosaics at the entrance. Ornamental lighting was also incorporated in the same style as other historic buildings, such as the Municipal Palace or the Spanish Club.

The work also benefited the chapel and the administrative offices that work on the aforementioned artery, as structural improvements affect both spaces. Designed in 1888 by the German architect Oswall Menzel, El Salvador's façade is the only old public work in the city that remains unchanged. Hence the courage to return it to its original beauty. If he was already a real eye-catcher, this facelift embellished him. History and architecture lovers enjoy a unique walk in this place.

Visits take place on the second Saturday of each month at 10:00. They are free of charge and suspended for rain. The proposal is open to educational institutions, tourism groups, or other interested institutions. Guided tours are complemented by the Paseo de los Ilustres and Memorabilia, three spaces that allow to reconstruct part of the history of the Rosary.

Night guided tours

The proposal aims to highlight the monuments that are located in these spaces, in addition to rescuing architectural, historical and artistic expressions of past eras. As an extra attraction, there are also night guided tours. This activity is scheduled by the Secretariat of Culture and Education of the municipality of Rosario. Do you want to enter a cemetery at night? I assure you, this one is worth it.

Publication Date: 19/10/2020

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