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What is fifths tourism?

The geographical environment of Santafesino makes the areas of quintas a whole tourist proposal. Variants to the south and to the north.

Santa Fe
Turismo de quintas

In Ser Argentino you must have read a lot about Santa Fe and its tourist proposal. Basically, outside of the urban options of Rosario and the provincial capital, the supply focuses mainly on a multiplicity of possibilities, all related to the river. Fishing, water sports, cottage complexes and rural tourism are most of all the tourist activities that can be found in the interior of Santafesino. However, from some time to this part, the fifths areas, which were traditionally a rather weekend custom , became an alternative.

Taking as a reference to the provincial capital, two large areas of week-end fifths can be established, accrued in a permanent tourist destination. Departing south on RN 11 appears a variety of options. The extreme of São Tomé, Altos del Sauce, Sauce Viejo and Diversion Arijón, are the places and towns that appear. In the north direction, on RP 1, the variants are larger. Towards Cayastá and Helvecia, there are Colastiné Norte (which belongs to the city of Santa Fe), Villa California, Rincón, Arroyo Leyes, Los Zapallos and Santa Rosa de Calchines. At all these points there are fifths of the most diverse.

Private entrepreneurs decided to turn their own weekend houses into an option for tourists. As a result, dozens of traders and investor groups developed associated services in these regions: supermarkets, food houses, bars, boutiques and much more.

The fifths as a tourist destination?

Indeed, fifths tourism in Santa Fe is a reality.Santafesinos who could do it, used to vacation in summer or winter and, during the year, spend weekends in these cottages prepared to receive visits . But the fifths have become, in recent years, a place of rest in itself. To check it out, just call the most important resorts and try to get a weekend available. You won't be able to find anything in the short term. Demand for this service ishighly sought after . Long weekends are the first thing to fill.

The month of January is the hottest and wettest to be lived in the city of Santa Fe. Many Santafesinos who, in the past, could spend summer outside the country or on the Atlantic Coast, saw their possibilities reduced. It is these who occupy the fifth most as a real summer. However, unlike traditional holidays, the stay in the fifths rarely exceeds a week. But, at least, these Santafesinos can leave for a few days from the heat of the urban asphalt . The coastal environment of Santa Fe offers beautiful moments of relaxation. High trees inhabited by native bird species. The village bars. Fish eaters. The artisans stalls. The orchestras. All these details make up a real tourist package, which can be combined with boat rides, fishing equipment rentals and water sports.

A new alternative

The tourism areas of local and provincial governments have incorporated fifths tourism into their agenda . Santa Fe did not often appear on Argentine tourist radar. Gradually, he was showing himself by the hand of the fishing. Faced with the critical junctures of the country's economy, alternative tourism is flourishing in multiple variants. Thus, a stay in a typical Santafesina Quinta, is now positioned as a real local attraction.

Publication Date: 23/07/2020

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