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Sightseeing in Santa Fe

The city has emblematic places that keep its history and that of our country. We tell you what are the 5 places you can not miss.

Santa Fe

This city, which is currently the  capital of the province,  was founded by  Don Juan de Garay  in 1573, with the mandate to “open the region to the  ocean  ”. The ruins of   Santa Fe La Vieja, in Cayastá , can be found in the  vicinity of the  city  's current damero, where you can see the remains of the city founded by  Garay  . The name the colonizer gave this city was a  tribute  to the  Catholic faith  . Here the  National Constitution was sanctioned on May 1, 1853,  which put an end to civil wars and gave rise to the  modern Argentine  state.  5 places to visit every tourist: 

 Plaza 25 de mayo 

This is the  main square  of   Santa Fe    Capital , has important green spaces interrupted by numerous fountains and surrounded by the most outstanding buildings in the province.  

 Government House 

Since the transfer of the city, the property destined for the function of  Casa de Gobierno  was the one that originally occupied the  Cabildo  , located opposite the  Plaza Mayor  and whose building was modified for decades.

Law 1319  empowers the Provincial Executive  to build a building on this property that would fulfill the functions of  government  in 1906, the next step is to raise the project to a tender that is finally awarded to architect  Francisco Ferrari  . This project concludes around 1913. One of the must-see places in the city.

 Cathedral - Santa Fe  

In front of the square is the  Cathedral church,  which in 1942 was declared a  National Historical Monument  , carrying the title of “  All Saints  ”.

Given its privileged location in front of the former  Cabildo  (now Government House), he presided over all the  historical  and political events that had religious resonance in it.

The construction in three naves dates from 1947, a work executed under the direction of Maestro  Manuel Maziel . The most important changes that give it the present aspect were developed around 1833, during the administration of the Curate and Vicar Dr.  Don José de Amenábar. 

In 1934 the diocese was elevated to the Archdiocese and is when it received the title of  Metropolitan Cathedral .

 San Francisco Church and Convent 

One of the places you can't miss. In San Martín y Amenábar stands the church and convent of  San Francisco , whose building was built in 1660.

It is the oldest in the  province , inside which real works of art are preserved such as the painting of the  Blessed Virgin of 1633 of which it is said that three years after being located in this church an aqueous liquid began to flow from the eyes of the image.

This was so important that it was recorded in notarial acts.

 Juan De Garay Ethnographic and Colonial Museum 

On May 25, 1470 is located the  Juan de Garay Ethnographic and Colonial Museum,  which holds the remains of the city's primitive settlement in  Cayastá  . All  Aboriginal  groups that inhabited the region are also represented.

The museum shows us in its various exhibits:

The first inhabitants with samples of  archaeological  materials recovered in the region, ranging from prehistory to the moment of contact between  Hispanic  and  indigenous  cultures.

It stands out vessels that were made with clay to which ground ceramics were added to give greater cohesion to the piece. There are also pieces of great value corresponding to the  riparian  groups among which are a zoomorphic figure of a  yaguareté  .

In addition, archaeological testimonies exhumed in  Santa Fe la Vieja  founded by  Juan de Garay in Cayastá have been collected,  showing us the many aspects of life since the end of the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

Another place you can't miss in Santa Fe.


Publication Date: 28/01/2020

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