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Timbúes: exotic destination in the south of Santaffesino

The natural environment surrounding the small town of Timbúes is one of its main attractions.

A few minutes from Rosario, on RN 11, appears a pearl of the Saint's interior called Timbúes. Arriving in the area, you will discover tourist centers that have excellent services and facilities, providing their visitors with the amenities and entertainments they require to spend an unforgettable stay there.

The proximity to important watercourses such as the Carcarañá, Coronda and Paraná rivers make Timbúes a popular tourist village during the summer season.

The shade of willows and other tree species found on the banks of these tributaries provide the right conditions to enjoy outdoor recreational activities and especially to plan camping days with friends or family. Numerous beaches and spas take place on the shores of these torrents, inviting holidayers to enjoy the sun and water.

Both campsites are on the banks of the Carcarañá River, surrounded by a wonderful natural setting comprising bright vegetation and the gentle murmur of birds. The tranquility of the paradisiacal atmosphere guarantees a full rest. The environment lends itself to hiking and horseback riding along the paths that are drawn on the coasts of the watercourses.

The presence of rivers also summons lovers of sport fishing. And a lovely suggestion is the realization of photographic safaris. Through this practice you can get amazing postcards of the Argentine coast, of its colorful native flora and fauna.

Within the city center, the visit to the Parish of Our Lady of Carmen, the central square and other institutions is an interesting opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the community. This santafesino corner ensures entertainment and recreation to all travelers who come to it.

How to get there?

Timbúes is located on RN 11. It is separated by 11 kilometers from the City of San Lorenzo, 7 from Puerto General San Martín and 35 from Rosario. These numbers make it an integral part of the so-called industrial cordon that covers the banks of the Paraná River from the city of San Nicolás de los Arroyos (Buenos Aires province) to the locality.

Through the aforementioned route you can access Rosario to the south and Coronda, Santa Fe, Reconquista, Resistencia (Chaco) and Clorinda (Formosa) to the north. From Rosario, the Province of Entre Ríos is accessed through the Rosario-Victoria Bridge, and connects Timbúes just 85 km from the latter and 255 km from the Gualeguaychú and Colon international bridges linking the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

Other distances to major cities: Paraná 180 km, Cordoba, 400 km, Rafaela, 220 km, Cañada de Gómez, 80 km.

The AP 01 Rosario-Santa Fe motorway is used for quick access to the capital city of Santa Fe. From Timbúes it is accessed by the so-called North Access to San Lorenzo, four kilometers to the south, by the access of Villa La Ribera to another four to the north.

The proximity of the motorway accesses allows you to quickly communicate with the city of Rosario. Just 20 minutes away and you are in the road, air and river communication hubs, hotels, shows, universities, High Complexity Health Centers, museums, libraries and countless other amenities offered by the main city of the province.

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