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The largest aquarium in Argentina is in Rosario

The Paraná Delta Aquarium is an imposing work that aims to preserve the biodiversity with which Rosarinos live.
Santa Fe
| 07 January, 2020 |

On Avenida Eduardo Carrasco and Cordiviola, in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, rises the Aquarium of the ParanáRiver. One of the largest and most prestigious aquariums in Argentina. It is unique of its kind in our country and Latin America and has more than 5000 square meters.

The aquarium is a gigantic work that contains the vast biodiversity which coexists in the Paraná Delta . This infrastructure has an indigenous park, a state-of-the-art research center, 10 large fish tanks and interactive educational games on the first floor, and a bar area with terrace on the second floor.

It is a must walk for biologists and nature lovers and for all tourists who visit this important city. This aquarium shows the richness and the different strata of life that unfolds in front of us, on the Paraná River. It helps us to know what we see and what we don’t, above and below water, in an educational way and for a didactic and instructive purpose.

The idea of the place is to spread the ecosystem of one of the largest and most complex deltas in the world, with a unique reserve that provides food, shelterand breedingsites to about 240 species of fish, of which almost a hundred can be seen swimming in the Aquarium , a luxury that we can only appreciate in this establishment.

How to visit the place?

If you plan to make the full visit, you must have about two hours. To enter the Aquarium you must arrange beforehand with a guide , as it is the only way to access all the facilities. Visits are usually in groups of no more than 25 people. The guide can take us to know the whole building, not only the fish tank room, but also the spaces of research and fish production. In total, more than 90 species can be observed. In addition, in the aquarium room it is also important the presence of different technological devices that help to illustrate the biodiversity of the Paraná delta .

Tickets can be obtained at the Aquarius ticket office from Tuesday to Sunday.

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