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The innovative tool to get to know Santa Fe better

The tourism area of Santa Fe implemented an innovative tool to know the attractions in the provincial capital.

The Municipality of Santa Fe put  at the disposal of tourists and, also, neighbors  an innovative tool. It is an audio guide system to learn more about the different spaces and  buildings  of the capital city that have a historical and heritage value, as well as its traditional walks. They can be listened to online or downloaded from any mobile device, free of charge, from the municipality's website.

An audio guide is  a pre-recorded story that is offered to people to complete a tour individually.  In this way, the electronic system allows you to travel anywhere following the guide that indicates information and details about the history of what you see, be it a street, a property or an object.

This innovative tool was developed in the studio of the Mediatheque, a space of audiovisual creation with which Santa Fe has.  There are already five places with these audio guides, each with several tracks . The idea is to continue adding spaces and buildings.

An audio guide stands out for breaking physical and temporary barriers for anyone. At any time of the day, one can  enjoy the city of Santa Fe. 

As a fundamental feature for the current world moment, this tool becomes a device that allows the city's neighbors to tour it individually. When you go out for a recreational walk, you can use them through mobile devices.

The development was made with the premise that the capital city will be a leading tourist destination at the national level. It is a  very useful device for the private sector linked to tourism, for hotels and travel agencies. 

 Walks and slopes 

The Municipality incorporated audio guides to the five tours offered in the framework of the program My City as a Tourist. On the Paseo  Casco Histórico , you are invited to learn about the history of Santa Fe in a four-block radius, in which are condensed the origins of the city of Santa Fe in its current location, after a transfer that led to thea decade, in 1660, just under a century after it was founded by Juan de Gary in 1973. The tracks of the audio guide, in 33 minutes, propose  a sound tour about the transformation experienced by the Plaza 25 de Mayo , the story about the construction of the Cabildo and its replacement by the House of Government, as well as providing information about the detron the scene of the National Constitution. It also offers details of the Palace of Justice, the Metropolitan Cathedral Church, the Parish of All Saints, Merengo, the Shrine of Our Lady of Miracles and the College of the Immaculate Conception.

The Paseo Museums and Historic Places includes different tracks that have a total duration of 30 minutes and provide details about the Provincial Historical Museum, the Ethnographic and Colonial Museum “Juan de Garay”, the Convent and Church Museum of San Francisco; the Convent of Santo Domingo, the Legislature of the province of Santa Fe and the Museum of Art “Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez”.  These spaces are guardians of part of our heritage : in the audio guide you can learn about architectural details of many buildings, and the traces and elements that keep our museums. Also, it is an invitation to listen to the  story of the yaguareté  of the convent of San Francisco, to know how Manuel Belgrano passed through this city and to find out how they caught a general with a couple of boleadoras.

 Recreation and recreation with information technology 

Paseo Boulevard is a tour of one of the most important arteries of the provincial capital. In the audio guide, which lasts 38 minutes, you will learn stories about the construction of  Pueyrredón Square  and the history of the traditional Fair of the Sun and the Moon, and secrets of the Progreso Market, the Museum of Contemporary Artneo, the House of Luciano Leiva and the House of Culture. Also, you will learn about the history of the golden age of the Belgrano Station and  a fact that moved the city in 1983, such as the fall of the Suspension Bridge and its subsequent reconstruction, almost 20 years later. 

On the other hand, the Costanera Walk invites you to visit the Paseo de los Righteous, the Costanera Lighthouse, the Pillars of the Lagoon, the Nuestra Señora del Huerto church, the Stamati Residence, the Setubal Lagoon, the Monument to the Brigadier Estanislao López and the Suspension Bridge, always with the Setubal Lagoon as a natural setting. In the audio guide, you will learn more about the 7 Chiefes neighborhood and the revolution that gave it its name,  the history of the Pillars of the Laguna, of the Santafese night  in Puerto de Palos, of figures such as Brigadier López and the fall of the Suspension Bridge, among other stories.

The Pedestrian Walk proposes to explore the traditional commercial and social epicenter of Santa Fe along six blocks. The audio guide  invites you to learn about the history and architecture  of the Municipal Theatre 1 de Mayo and the great works that were presented there, and details of heritage buildings such as the  Sor Josefa Museum, the Banco Nacioand the Basilica Nuestra Señora del Carmen.

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