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The day Belgrano was in Sao Tome

On his way to a mission to Paraguay, our successful Manuel Belgrano passed through the small town of Santafesina. I revived the historic moment.

Santa Fe

The small city of São Tomé , known for being separated from the capital of Santafesina by an emblematic bridge, has a curious history related to Manuel Belgrano. In 1810, on his mission to Paraguay, the procer stopped at the town that stands on the margin of El Salado. It tells the story that he even rested in the shadow of a carob tree.

Today, this tree species is found in the municipal campsite, by the river and constitutes a historical icon of great importance for the Santotomesina community. A National Decree determined that it is a historic site. In this way, the space becomes a tourist attraction for lovers of history Argentina. A commemorative plaque shows the fact at the foot of the Historic Algarrobo.

Today, and as a result of this fact, Sao Tome has a Belgranian Institute , a subsidiary of its namesake at the national level. He carried out a hard work of research and presented his initiatives to the National Commission of Museums and Historical Monuments, which gave him the approval for the aforementioned declaration.

Also in the atrium of the Church of Santo Domingo, an order that Belgrano proclaimed as a lay man, is a bust that recalls his passing through the city. Inside the temple there is a replica of the saber that was given to the procer by the Assembly of the Year XIII, as a prize for his victories in Tucumán and Salta.

A Homeland Mural

The historical tour dedicated to the creator of the flag has another must step. It is a beautiful mural located on Paseo del Salado. Those who travel along the coast of São Tomécan appreciate the so-called “Belgraniano Mural”, installed in the vicinity of the Martín Miguel de Güemes Amphitheatre. It is a work made in ceramics, which was donated by the National Institute.

The work depicts the effigy of General Manuel Belgrano along with scenes from the life and work of the procer . It has an area of six square meters and consists of thirty majolica plates. It was created by a company that makes the murals free of charge and makes them available to the Institute, which decides on the site of the murals. Murals of similar characteristics have also been placed in the cities of Buenos Aires (in the 1 Patricios Infantry Regiment), Santa Fe (Liceo Militar General Belgrano), Paraná, Curuz&Cuatiá, San Miguel de Tucumán and Salta.

How to get there

From the city of Santa Fe by car, traveling the few eight kilometers away on the RP 1 and RN 11 to the southwest. From the West on the RN 19 which connects directly to Sao Tome.

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Manuel-BelgranoThe year of Belgrano
atractivos-Santa-FeAttractions not to be missed in Santa Fe Colonial

Publication Date: 10/07/2020

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